Do you think money will cease to exist?

Dissolving Beliefs: A Guide in 6 Steps

Negative beliefs are like a computer virus:

They block your life, slow you down and constantly destroy everything for you:

Your relationships, your success, your happiness ...

So if you find that your life is not going as it should, it could be because of your beliefs ...

It is high time to resolve it!

In this article, I'll show you how to recognize your negative beliefs and get rid of them completely in a few practical steps. (I even made a little belief transformer for you that will automatically convert your negative beliefs into positive beliefs)

Are you ready for a life without blockages? Then let's get started:

Table of Contents

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What are beliefs and where do they come from?

Beliefs are unconscious thought patterns that you have taken over from others in the course of your life. These influence how you think about yourself and, accordingly, how you behave in everyday life.


When you were born you did not have any beliefs!

You were like an empty computer with no programs. You looked at the world full of curiosity without thinking too much about it.

Then, as you grew up, you started to model the people around you. That means, you have observed them and have adopted their opinions, statements and beliefs and "programmed" them into your subconscious.

Here you can see a graphic showing who is "programming" your beliefs:

As you can see, your beliefs are being drilled into you from all possible directions ...

But a belief is not necessarily bad. There are also very many positive beliefsthat will help you live your life at full strength (more examples on this below).

But the negative beliefs are constantly in your way and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

I will explain to you now why this is so:

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How negative beliefs can block your whole life

As already described above: Beliefs are like computer programs. They control whether your life is going well or badly!

  • Positive Beliefs help you and make sure that your life is going really well. They make you happier and more successful.
  • The wrong beliefs on the other hand are like computer viruses: They block, hinder and slow you down in all areas of life!

How do you do that?

I'll explain it to you using a practical example:

As a child you may have heard the saying: "Money can not buy happiness."

As an adult you are now trying to get rich and successful, but it does not work!

Why is it not working?

Because your belief system prevents you from doing it! It sits in your subconscious and influences your behavior from there without you noticing!

From the unconscious Fear of being unhappy with a lot of money, you e.g. reject great offers suspiciously or you constantly help everyone without asking for payment.

If you do get money, you can't really look forward to it - because you've learned that money doesn't make you happy. You think: “Well, now I HAVE money and I'm still not happy. The saying seems to be true. "

And ZACK your belief will be strengthened even further!

So a cycle is created, as you can see in the graphic:

The more negative beliefs you have anchored in your subconscious, the more often you will unconsciously behave negatively and have negative experiences ...

You then constantly experience defeats and setbacks, you cannot make progress and in the worst case even give up completely at some point.

So your negative beliefs are like iron balls that constantly prevent you from achieving your goals!

In the following section I will tell you whether and how you can get rid of these "iron balls":

Dissolving negative beliefs - is that even possible?

You may be thinking now that getting rid of negative beliefs is definitely hard.

Maybe you've already tried and failed ...

Then I have good news and bad news for you:

  1. You can resolve ALL negative beliefs
  2. Some beliefs are a little more persistent than others

So there are beliefs that you can get rid of relatively easily and quickly. It is often enough if you are aware of them.

Other beliefs are a little more stubborn and need "special treatment" to make them go away.

My guide to dissolving negative beliefs is therefore structured in such a way that you proceed step by step. Some beliefs will go away in step 1, some will go away in step 2 or 3, and some will take the whole process.

So you can always start with step 1 and only need to do all 6 steps if you notice that the belief is still there. (You can find out how you can tell at the end of the article ...)

Then I'll also tell you 2 special tricks that have often helped me to get rid of extremely stubborn beliefs ...

So let's get started right away:

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Good bye negative beliefs: the step-by-step guide

1. This is how you expose negative beliefs

If you want to get rid of your beliefs, you have to know them in the first place.

Unfortunately, they often "hide" in the subconscious and you don't even know that you have them ...

How do you find the beliefs in the subconscious?

Very easily:

It's best to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you can think of about the following 3 points:

(Later in the article you'll also find Belief Transformer - a list of many negative beliefs and their positive reformulations that you can use instead.)

Use these 3 methods to become aware of your beliefs:

  1. The conscious beliefs
    These are mostly negative sayings, sayings or quotes that you have heard before and that come to mind immediately, for example:
    - "From nothing, comes nothing."
    - "Who wants to be beautiful must suffer."
    - "You are too stupid for that."

    Write down everything you can think of spontaneously.
  2. Your areas of life where it doesn't work
    All areas of life that are NOT going so well for you (e.g. relationship, money, success, health, etc.) indicate that you have a lot of negative beliefs there. So think about what negative or limiting thoughts you have especially in these areas of life.
  3. Your emotions as a sensor
    Whenever you feel bad, you are having negative thoughts right now. And these thoughts are mostly negative beliefs. So pay particular attention to your thoughts when you feel bad and ask yourself: "What do I think / believe?" and write down these thoughts right away.

So my friend Did you write down your negative beliefs? Then we come straight to the next step ...

PS: You can (and should) add to this list at any time, because you will gradually come up with more and more negative beliefs. Always write them down as soon as you notice them.

2. The secret reading method

You now have a list of your negative beliefs. (If not, go back to step 1! The list is really important, without it it will be harder to get rid of your beliefs!)

Read the list again from top to bottom.

If you think immediately about one or more beliefs "What kind of nonsense is that?", you have already dissolved this belief. Cross him out.

You now read all other beliefs out loud to yourself!

It will probably not feel particularly good at first. Don't worry, it will go away in a moment, but it is important that you REALLY feel it!


You ALWAYS have these beliefs in you, they ALWAYS make you feel bad, but you are not aware of them. Only when you read it out loud to yourself do you notice what shit you keep telling yourself inside!

Just let the feelings come up now. You don't need to do anything else. As soon as you feel what the belief is doing to you, it dissolves and then you feel much better.

If you need more concrete instructions for letting go of negative feelings, you can find it here: Learning to let go: In 3 easy steps

PS: The exercise is even more effective if someone else reads your list to you. But only do this with someone with whom you have a very trusting relationship.

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3. "Hole in" the belief system with questions

Many beliefs will dissolve in the 2nd step ...

However, some beliefs are very persistent - they will persist even if you feel bad about them while reading them out loud to yourself.

Then it helps if you use your intellect and question every single belief as follows:

  1. Is that really true?
  2. Is it ALWAYS like that for EVERYONE?
  3. How would my life be without this belief?

I'll show you this using our example above "Money can not buy happiness":

  1. Is that really true? - No, that's nonsense, actually. I am happy when I get money.
  2. Is it ALWAYS like that for EVERYONE? - No, I also know people who are rich AND happy.
  3. How would my life be without this belief? - Probably more money would come into my life or I could at least accept it more relaxed ...

With these 3 questions you can expose EVERY belief as nonsense and this very often leads to the fact that the belief no longer has a negative effect on you.

4. The Belief Transformer Technique

We will now convert all beliefs that have not yet been resolved into positive beliefs.

To do this, take your list again and a second piece of paper:

Read through the first negative belief, change it to a positive variant, and write this new, positive belief on the second sheet of paper.

You do this one after the other with all negative beliefs.

Make sure that you formulate the sentences REALLY positively and do not make any no or no sentences out of them.

An example of changing beliefs:

  • Belief: "I'm too stupid for that."
  • Not correct: "I'm not too stupid."
  • Correct: "I can do a lot and learn new things every day."

That way, you'll rephrase any negative beliefs and end up with a whole sheet of new, positive beliefs.

You can find one here for support Belief Transformerthat changes the most typical negative beliefs for you with one click!

Simply select belief, click and your new belief will be displayed. It's best to write it down right away ...

The Transformer Belief

5. The positive brainwashing

You now have a list of positive beliefs from the previous exercise. What do you do with it?


You make sure that the new positive beliefs are anchored in your subconscious.

This works best with so-called Affirmations. This means that you repeat the new beliefs in your mind as often as possible. Gradually they "eat" their way into your brain and seep from there directly into your subconscious.

So read your list of positive beliefs at least once in the morning and once in the evening, preferably out loud!

You can also use the positive beliefs like a mantra and mumble or sing them softly to yourself.

Extra tip:

Make sure your positive beliefs feel believable to you. For example, did you think so far "I am too fat." then the sentence "I have a great figure." do nothing ...

Your inner critic then goes on the barricades and yells: "Pah, you probably don't believe that yourself !!!"

In this case there is a great trick:

You turn the positive belief into a question. In our example: "How do I get a great figure?"

Now your inner critic can no longer say anything against it and the power of your thoughts can quietly search for solutions on how to become slim!

6. Debunk Lies: What's Really Right?

Negative beliefs are often so persistent because we unconsciously prove them to ourselves all the time:

  • We automatically focus our perception on anything that supports the belief.
  • We unconsciously completely block out counter-evidence.
  • We solidify the belief through our behavior and the resulting experiences (do you remember the diagram?).

To break this pattern, you need evidence to the contrary!

You can find these either with other people or - even better - even with yourself.

All you have to do is:

  1. You do the exercise from step 3 and thereby question the truth of your beliefs
  2. You actively look for evidence to the contrary to your belief in your environment or on the internet
  3. You will find situations in your past where your beliefs were NOT right
  4. You collect new experiences in a very targeted manner, which confirm your new positive belief

With every counter-evidence you signal to your brain: What you've been believing for years is FALSE!

And as a result, these false beliefs disappear in record time.

Summary (+ 2 special tricks)

So. With these 6 steps you can dissolve all of your beliefs.

As I said: for some beliefs 1 or 2 steps are enough and others need the full program to disappear.

Here again the step-by-step instructions for resolving negative beliefs:

  • Step 1: Find your negative beliefs and write them down
  • Step 2: Read your beliefs out loud to yourself and allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise
  • Step 3: Question your beliefs to see if they are really true
  • Step 4: Transform the negative into positive beliefs with the handy transformer tool
  • Step 5: Use affirmations to reprogram your subconscious
  • Step 6: Actively look for evidence to the contrary to your negative beliefs

Whenever you discover a negative belief that is blocking your life - with this guide you will quickly get it out of the way.

Try it out and feel for yourself how liberated and energetic your life will suddenly feel!

Regardless of the step-by-step instructions, I still have it here 2 special tips for you, with whom one can dissolve beliefs. They basically work with EVERY belief and are quick and easy to do:

Trick 1: Burn the shit at the stake

Burning is a popular way to get rid of beliefs.

To do this, write down your negative beliefs on a piece of paper. Feel again what emotions this belief triggers in you ...

Then thank the belief inwardly and think something like: "Thanks for being there, but I don't need you anymore!"

Then you burn the note in a fire bowl or other refractory vessel.

This method can be very liberating, you should definitely try it out!

Trick 2: turn the tables with the reverse method

This technique is basically a variation of the reading method ...

You need the list of your negative beliefs AND the list of positive formulations as well as a little space:

  1. First, take the list of negative beliefs, walk slowly in circles (the direction does not matter at first) and read your list out loud to yourself.
  2. Then you take the other list - the one with the positive sentences - go the OTHERWIDE in a circle and read this list out loud to you as well.
  3. Then feel inside yourself whether you feel good, otherwise repeat the entire exercise (so first read the negative list, walk in circles, then change the direction of movement and read the positive list).

The advantage of this technique is that you can solve several beliefs at once.

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out and good luck with positively changing your beliefs!

Common questions and problems with dissolving beliefs

How do I know that the belief is gone?

Very often I am asked how you can tell whether you have successfully dissolved the belief.

There are 2 very simple ways to determine this:

  1. You read the negative belief aloud to yourself and it will no longer make you feel bad
  2. You suddenly have a lot of luck and success in the area of ​​life to which the belief was related

Sometimes a belief does not dissolve until a few days later after you have "treated" it with the instructions described above. Be patient ... Some beliefs you've been dragging around with you all your life, they won't go away in 5 minutes.

There is one thing you can definitely rely on:

If you have NOT resolved the belief, you will definitely notice! Then he will show up again soon ...

What do I do when the belief comes back?

Do you think that you have dissolved your belief system, but after a short time exactly the same problems arise in your life again?

Then, my friend, the belief is still there ...

But don't worry! Just go through the step-by-step instructions again. Also try out one of the two special tips.

Some beliefs are so DEEPLY anchored in you that you cannot get rid of them all at once. You have to work on it several times and thus dissolve it layer by layer.

If this now seems difficult to you, let one thing be said to you: To dissolve such deep-seated beliefs may take a little longer, but your life will change MASSIVE afterwards!

You will suddenly feel more liberated and energetic than you ever thought possible.

So it's worth blasting those fat belief rocks out of your way! Behind that, a life full of happiness and success is waiting for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and live the life you have always wanted!