How corrupt is Mamta Banerjee from TMC

A day after Trinamool Congress Colonel Mamata Banerjee sent a stern warning to rebels within the ruling party in West Bengal, a cabinet minister showed signs of resentment on Saturday.

“Whenever I tried to prove my competence and ability, I was relegated to the back seat. I do not know what happened. Corrupt leaders, liars and those who do not enjoy people's trust are brought to the fore just because they are sycophants, ”said Rajib Banerjee, state forest minister known for his clean image.

He is the second minister in the TMC-ruled government to express his dissatisfaction. Previously, State Transport Minister and TMC heavyweight Suvendu Adhikari had resigned and presented a veiled challenge to the TMC leadership, widening his rift with the party.

“It hurts when I see that no importance is attached to those who have the competence and dexterity and who work in the midst of local people. Instead, those who sit in AC chambers and think they are fooling people occupy the front seats, ”he added.

However, this is not the first time Rajib Banerjee has spoken out against corruption. Earlier this year he had said that the party's drive against internal corruption should not only target “small fries” but “big fish” as well. However, a senior minister hit Banerjee and accused him of repeating BJP's stance.

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“This is the age of the sycophants. But people don't like these things. People elect their political leaders with many aspirations. But when they see that the leader is a sycophant, they refuse to accept him. Some people are unable to feel people's pulse, ”he said, adding that when leaders believe people are fools, they are living in a fool's paradise.

Even when the TMC is desperately trying to mend the cracks in its armor, gaps continue to emerge as one by one speaks out against the party.

“Those who only have minimal self-esteem in themselves cannot work in the TMC. This is because in the TMC party only those who come from a specific house in Kalighat are allowed to become leaders. The rest of the sweat and blood will always remain as employees, ”said Dilip Ghosh, President of the BJP's Bengali Unit.

While Mihir Goswami, a TMC-MLA, switched to the BJP, Silbhadra Dutta beat another TMC-MLA from Barrackpore against the team of electoral strategist Prashant Kishor without naming it. Kishor was hired by TMC leadership after the BJP made some impressive wins in the 2019 election.

BJP leaders have already nominated at least seven MPs and MLAs, claiming it is only a matter of time before lawmakers at the ruling Trinamool congress in West Bengal step out of the party and join the BJP.

“Mamata Banerjee sent a loud and clear message to all the rebels within the party. If they have to stay inside the party, they have to work for the party. Anyone who speaks against the party will not be tolerated. However, it has not named a guide, ”said a senior TMC guide who attended Banerjee's virtual meeting with TMC leaders from across the state.