Humans are the stupidest species

Only the stupidest calves ...

We are living in a very remarkable time. And we humans are a particularly remarkable species, homo sapiens. But homo GERMANICUS is behaving particularly strangely at the moment. A comment by Franz Alt

One day over 2,000 scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned us in a dramatic appeal of an impending hot season, and the next day German car manufacturers are demanding that the EU accelerate the suicide program of our species. At the same time, a German company called RWE wants to cut down a leftover forest in the Hambacher Forst in order to be able to continue burning lignite, the most dangerous climate killer and suicide accelerator. The bosses of this company are living up to their name RWE (robbers, highwaymen and blackmailers).

Who are we actually?

Homo sapiens or homo demens? How do we behave in the next election? Does the motto still apply: Only the dumbest calves choose their butchers themselves? That would of course be an outright insult to all cattle. Because they are not planning a suicide program. Only humans do that.

In the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, the CSU, the SPD, the CDU, the AfD and perhaps the FDP can probably jump the 5% hurdle, although all these parties are jointly responsible for the suicide program. Why are we so stupid? Why do we still imagine that we are the crown of creation? No species of animal or plant prepares its own doom, only we do it.

A mouse has never built a mousetrap, but homo sapiens destroys itself. Germany's auto managers and energy bosses embarrass themselves and us as voters and consumers like never before, although the alternatives to the suicide program have long been known. It has long been technically no longer a problem to build electric cars and rely on renewable energy instead of lignite. But the coal and petrol republic of Germany wants to continue as before at any cost.

Educational Republic of Germany? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Fossil republics have no future.

China, Norway, Japan, California, Iceland and many other countries are decidedly further ahead than Germany, the country of technology, which has long been considered a role model for others. Germany's auto and energy bosses and their cronies in the old parties are working together on the demise of our species. And we voters support them by a majority. If we don't finally turn the Greens into a big people's party, we will all be to blame. It is high time to restart environmental policy.

So far the Greens have been too weak

But that can be changed by woken up and alert voters. What actually still has to happen before we understand the connections between climate destruction and our voting behavior?

These days, the corporate bosses routinely and reflexively complain again about the alleged loss of jobs and do not even notice that jobs on a broken planet make very little sense.

We all have to answer a few questions very fundamentally: What is more important to us: cars or the climate? Sustainable jobs through renewable energies or coal? The old parties or the life parties? In Austria the Ministry of Agriculture is called the Ministry of Life. As I said: only the dumbest calves ...


Franz Alt 2018