What are the disadvantages of traffic accidents

Disadvantages for accident victims through damage management from many insurance companies

Many liability insurances now offer so-called damage management to those who have suffered accidents after traffic accidents. The insurance companies often call the accident victims shortly after the accident and promise quick and uncomplicated settlement of the accident damage.

In the opinion of many experts, extreme caution is required here. Because it is obvious that the interests of the insurance companies in the most cost-effective claims settlement are in the foreground and not the rights of the accident victim.

It is therefore important to know how to behave in the event of a traffic accident and what rights the injured party is entitled to so that disadvantage can be prevented. All too often, insurance companies save at the expense of the injured party.

Immediately after an accident, hasty statements should not be made to the police or statements to the other party involved in the accident. In particular, a person involved in an accident should never admit guilt, even if he initially feels guilty.

It is just as important to take photos and, if necessary, a sketch of the accident in order to secure evidence.

In principle, every accident victim has the right to freely choose a specialist workshop, an independent expert and a lawyer. As a rule, the injured party does not incur any additional costs, as these generally have to be borne by the injuring party 's insurance if the accident was caused by the other party alone. In addition, the majority of those injured in an accident have traffic legal protection insurance, which usually covers the costs of legal advice.

If possible, the injured party should not sign a declaration of assignment (e.g. at the workshop, the expert, the towing or rental company) or at least insist that the declaration of assignment is not sent directly to the insurance company of the other party involved in the accident, but that, for example, the workshop concerned should contact the Contacts the injured contracted lawyer so that he can settle the damage in the interests of the accident victim.

Because many individual questions of claims settlement, such as the assertion of loss of use or a reduction in value, as well as compensation for pain and suffering in the case of personal injury, as well as the assertion of housekeeping or earnings damage cannot be dealt with by the injured party without competent and independent legal advice. For obvious reasons, the opposing insurance company will not inform the accident victim of such special claims.

It can therefore only be recommended to every accident victim not to put themselves in the hands of the insurance of the person who caused the accident in order to settle the damage, but to seek legal advice from a specialist lawyer for traffic law as soon as possible. This applies all the more if the accident also resulted in personal injury. In this case, it is also advisable to seek medical treatment as soon as possible so that, in addition to the treatment, the injuries caused by the accident are documented and the relevant evidence is secured.

Lawyer and specialist lawyer for traffic law Deumig has summarized the most important tips on how to behave correctly after a traffic accident in a handy brochure in the format of a vehicle license, which can be picked up free of charge at the office and placed in the glove compartment with the car papers.

Communicated by:

Attorney Jens Deumig
Specialist lawyer for traffic law