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Wix review

Wix is ​​by far one of the builders who has seen a meteoric rise in a relatively short period of time.

The foundation stone for 2006 was laid by 2017. In that short period of time, several upgrades from an HTML100 editor to the 5 drag and drop version were introduced.

Overview: What is Wix?

How does Wix work?

Offered as an online service, Wix allows you to use a drag-and-drop visual editor to build your website even if you don't have any programming skills or previous training.

Imagine using building blocks to create your own personal design.

The system is so intuitive that you probably only need a moment to familiarize yourself with it. Once your basic website is ready for you and visually acceptable, Wix Website Builder allows you to add additional elements to your website as separate add-ons, such as: B. Form builders, forums, online stores and many other things.

Examples of websites built with Wix

Here are some great websites made with Wix.

Wix properties

One of the first things you come across with most site builders is the template repository, and so is Wix. The site boasts over 500 templates that are neatly categorized for your viewing.

Browsing through most of them, I find that Wix has a proper mix of styles, from minimalist to comprehensive. Editing the template is a miracle as the interface has a lot of drag and drop options. Once you get the items you want, just fill in the details and it will work.

That being said, it's really noteworthy that Wix is ​​continually adding and redesigning features that are right in line with current trends and technologies. One example of this is the recently introduced SEO Assistant. This is in line with a lot more people realizing how much SEO can help with their web presence.

With the wizard, Wix can help you optimize your website with ease. For online sellers, not only does Wix offer ecommerce payment options, but you can even schedule bookings on your website. That caters to a niche of consumers that I haven't readily seen elsewhere.


Wix template demo

As mentioned earlier, Wix has over 500 pre-made themes that are neatly categorized for you. The following pictures show some of the topics I found.



Pros: What I like about Wix

1. Tons of good website templates to choose from

There are more than 500 beautiful Wix website templates in 70 different categories to choose from. It covers almost all general and niche needs. Starting your website is as simple as searching the template database and clicking on the database you want to use.

2. Very intuitive visual site editor

Wix is ​​offered as an online service and allows you to drag and drop a visual editor to build your website even if you have no programming skills or previous training. Imagine using building blocks to create your own personal design. The system is so intuitive that you probably only need a moment to familiarize yourself with it.

Learn more: How to Build Your First Website Using Wix

3. Unique editor for mobile websites

Wix is ​​mobile-friendly in two different ways. The first is that you can either use responsive templates that sync with your basic design, or you can customize a mobile-friendly site independently.

More interesting, however, is the unique Wix Mobile app, which allows you to work with your Wix websites from mobile devices. This is something that I see will come in very handy for sole proprietorships who basically have to do everything themselves.

With the Wix mobile app, you can create and edit your websites on the go without having to lug around a laptop - just a tablet or even a big screen smartphone will do!

4. Powerful add-ons through App Market

As mentioned earlier, Wix has many additional features that you can add to your base website. To use them, let me introduce you to the Wix App Market. This repository works similarly to WordPress plugins.

There are over 260 apps, created by both Wix and other third-party developers, that you can browse and incorporate into your website. Of all the site builders I've seen, the Wix App Market is one of the most comprehensive to date.

5. Full support available

Because Wix is ​​designed to make website building as easy as possible, it doesn't just rely on communication with the customer support team to do this. The experience starts from the moment you sign in with them and the system will help you with hints and prompts.

In the Wix Editor, each editable element design has a question mark so you know that help is there when you need it.

If you are still unsure, there is more self-help available in the form of a help center and user community or forum. The Help Center has a wealth of knowledge on all Wix-related topics, but also has a lot of other related information like the basics of SEO or marketing.

If you have more complex problems, you can start a thread discussion in the community forum and access the knowledge of other Wix users. If all else fails, there is always an option to contact Wix support via email.

6. Wix sites are fast

The speed of the website is important to both Google and your visitors. When you use Wix Site Builder to build your site, it means that you are also hosted on their servers. For this Wix test, I used them to create a sample page and tested the speeds, which were perfectly acceptable.

Wix performance test

Cons: What I don't like about Wix

1. Free is not FREE

OK, this headline might be a bit misleading, but the free version of Wix is ​​crippled in many ways. For example, all free Wix websites must have the Wix branding on them, which can be a little annoying at times. Especially when you're just trying to run a small, personal website that doesn't make you any money.

2- It is difficult to change templates

One downside to the Wix template, however, is that once you've chosen it, it's difficult to change your mind later. Its content cannot simply be transferred from one template to another. So if you decide to use a different template, you will likely have a lot of work to do again.

3- You cannot export your Wix site

Moving web hosts is an integral part of the lives of some website owners. It's just something that needs to be done sometimes and can happen for many reasons. The most important thing is the misfortune with your existing host.

Wix takes this completely out of your hands, as users are not allowed to export Wix websites. Also, you cannot embed elements of your Wix site elsewhere, so you no longer have this workaround in mind.

After you;

In particular, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or websites created with the Wix Editor or ADI to any other external destination or host.



Wix pricing

According to the number of users on its website, Wix has a wide range of so-called premium accounts, the price of which ranges from $ 4.50 per month to $ 24.50 per month.

To put these numbers in context - read our study on the cost of the website.

What it's not widespread is that you can still use the drag and drop editor for free. However, I think the price range is in line with the real needs of consumers, from individuals to small businesses.

Wix is ​​available for free, but the free accounts have many restrictions. For example, you can't use your own domain name and Wix ads will appear on your website. Once you are frustrated enough with it, it is time to move on to their paid plans.

The Wix pricing strategy seems very similar to what hosting companies do - the more you pay, the better features you get. There are clear differences between the individual plans. So go through them carefully.

For example, if you want to build an online store, only the plans that are right for you are the two most expensive - ecommerce or VIP.

Annual price$ 24.50 / mo$ 16.50 / mo$ 12.50 / mo$ 8.50 / mo$ 4.50 / mo
Hard drive space20 GB20 GB10 GB3 GB12.80 MB
SSL securityYesYesYesYesYes
Free domainYesYesYesYesNo
Remove Wix AdsYesYesYesYesNo
Form Builder AppYesYesNoNoNo
Site Booster AppYesYesNoNoNo
Online shopYesYesNoNoNo
Email campaigns10 emails / monthNoNoNoNo



Wix success stories

Wix users have created an admirable array of websites that look at least dignified, functional, and functional. Paws for a Cause is run by a photographer who helps animal shelters promote their adoption fees. The site is simple but goes well with its theme with cute animals presented in full, gorgeous colors.

Visit online: www.pawsforacausefurrtography.com



Our verdict on Wix

Wix gives its users the ability to quickly create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge. It has very extensive features to support this, and the possibilities are immense. Imagine creating an online shop and starting your business in just a few hours - and that is exactly the requirement.

Is it perfect? ​​Maybe not, as there are flaws in everything. Personally, however, I feel that the flaws in Wix are more of a commercial nature (it's a business after all) rather than a technical one. There are some strange limitations such as: B. the non-export of websites by users, e.g. B. Fox.

However, as a website builder, the experience is very streamlined and there is little to be confused about. For most of the potential website owners in the world, Wix is ​​a very solid proposition that I would highly recommend. There is so much to love that it's hard to beat.

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  • Tons of pre-made templates
  • Very intuitive visual site editor
  • Unique editor for mobile websites
  • Powerful add-ons available
  • Full support available
  • Wix sites are fast


  • Free is not FREE
  • It is difficult to change templates
  • You cannot export your Wix site

Wix alternatives

How do I get started with Wix?

Anyone can sign up on the Wix platform and create a website (no credit card required). Click this link to get started.