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Human sacrifice for the sharks: It goes so crazy after "47 Meters Down"!

The underwater thriller "47 Meters Down", in which the sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) want to watch sharks from a steel cage lowered into the ocean, but are then attacked by particularly aggressive specimens, is one of the biggest surprise hits of the last few years: The original US distributor Dimension had even delivered the film to retailers under the title "In The Deep" in August 2016, before the rights were transferred to the distributor Entertainment Studios at the last second, whereupon the home theater release was canceled and the film instead was released in North American cinemas in June 2017 under the title "47 Meters Down". There, the only $ 5.5 million shark horror grossed more than 44 million.

So it's no wonder that a sequel is coming, even if, to be honest, we didn't think the film was that bulky. In the official FILMSTARTS review, we give 2 out of 5 stars and summarize: "Survival thrillers are often about the protagonist slowly but surely running out of a certain resource (food, electricity, air). And exactly at the moment when there is a last-minute replenishment, it is best to see whether the audience likes the film or not: Are the characters happy about the new opportunity? Or does it look annoyed at the clock because it all takes half an hour longer? When the sisters in '47 Meters Down 'put fresh oxygen bottles on their diving masks, we checked the clock.

The FILMSTARTS review of "47 Meters Down"

"47 Meters Down 2" is coming in 2019

Although the sequel "47 Meters Down: Uncaged" opens in US cinemas on August 15th, in less than three weeks, there are currently no official reviews of the film. But even if director Johannes Roberts ("The Other Side Of The Door") is responsible for the sequel, we still have great hope that the second part will surpass the predecessor - and that is mainly due to the trailer, which promises a much more exciting setting than a simple steel cage:

So there is not just a whole range of shark species (more precisely: "the most dangerous of the ocean") but it also goes down into an underground cave with a ruined city from the Maya. The only question that arises is whether there will be a really claustrophobic feeling again (this is of course much easier to create in a clearly demarcated space such as a cage) or whether it will just be confusing. We are definitely hooked - especially since the trailer sentence with the “human sacrifices” suggests that this time the real bad guys may not be the sharks, but the god-blinded country dwellers.

"47 Meters Down: Uncaged" will first run in Germany at the Fantasy Filmfest and then - in contrast to its predecessor, which was released directly for home cinema - will also start regularly in local cinemas on October 10, 2019.

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