Which animal milk is the best

Soy, almond, oat, camel or mare | Which milk is best?

We Germans drink around 4.4 billion liters of cow's milk every year. That is 54 liters per person. Too much, say nutrition experts, because milk, consumed in excess, is said to cause heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

There are many healthy - animal and vegetable - alternatives to the juice from the cow. Especially for people with lactose intolerance, they promise milk enjoyment without side effects. BILD presents the most important.

Almond milk

TASTE: nutty

CONTENT: Industrially produced alternative for people with intolerance, as it is lactose and gluten free. However, important nutrients are lost during production.

Warning: Not suitable for children as the milk may contain hydrogen cyanide from bitter almonds. Children cannot break that down.

PRICE: 3.80 euros per liter, in health food stores and organic markets

Camel milk

TASTE: more watery than cow's milk

CONTENT: Similarities to breast milk, more whey protein and less casein than cow's milk. Good: many immunoglobulins that strengthen the immune system. However, camel milk also contains up to 5.5 percent lactose and is therefore not an alternative to cow's milk for people with lactose intolerance.

PRICE: Around 13 euros per liter, www.kamel-milch.de

Donkey milk

TASTE: like cow's milk, less intense

CONTENT: The milk is low in protein and minerals. But the fat content is also low (around one percent). Disadvantage for people with lactose intolerance: the lactose content is a whopping ten percent. Especially used for cosmetics as it is supposed to help against skin diseases. Cleopatra already knew the trick!

PRICE: As a powder around 34 euros per kilo on Amazon

Rice milk

TASTE: sweet

CONTENT: Rice milk is low in allergens and free of gluten and lactose. Perfect for allergy sufferers and people with intolerance. However: The milk contains very little protein (only 0.3 g per 100 ml; cow: 3.3 g) and few nutrients such as vitamins and calcium.

PRICE: From 2.30 euros per liter, in the organic supermarket

goat milk

TASTE: a bit strict depending on the manufacturer

CONTENT: The classic among cow's milk alternatives! The fat content is similar to that of cow's milk, but the milk contains more protein. They make oligosaccharides particularly healthy. The carbohydrates can prevent bacteria from settling in the intestines. Instead, less folic acid and vitamin B12.

PRICE: Around three euros per liter in well-stocked supermarkets

Mare's milk

TASTE: like cow's milk

CONTENT: Similar to donkey milk, mare's milk is said to relieve skin diseases. The milk is very low in fat (1.5 percent), but also contains little protein. Attention: high lactose content of 6.2 percent (cow's milk: 4.7 percent).

PRICE: Fresh milk is usually only available directly from the farm. Frozen twelve euros per liter at stutenmilch-ruppiner-schweiz.de

Sheep milk

TASTE: like cow's milk - slightly thicker due to the high fat content

CONTENT: Contains a lot of fat (six percent) and protein. Due to the high calcium content, sheep's milk strengthens the bones. However: the lactose content is the same as that of cow's milk. In Germany mostly as cheese or yoghurt.

PRICE: Fresh milk from five euros per liter, in well-stocked organic shops

Buffalo milk

TASTE: Due to the high fat content, the milk is very thick and tastes more like cream.

CONTENT: Buffalo milk is very fat (eight percent) and is therefore mainly processed into cheese (mozzarella). The cholesterol content is also higher than that of cow's milk. Proteins and minerals similar.

PRICE: three euros per liter at www.landgut-chursdorf.de

Oat milk

TASTE: slightly nutty, like oatmeal

CONTENT: Contains a lot of the cholesterol-lowering fiber ß-glucan and no cholesterol itself. Great for allergy sufferers, as it contains neither lactose nor milk protein to which the human body can react. Low calcium content.

PRICE: around 2.30 euros per liter, in health food stores and organic markets


soy milk

TASTE: somewhat bitter, nutty, often mixed with flavors (vanilla, chocolate)

CONTENT: Soy is very rich in nutrients and vitamins and does not contain any cholesterol. The protein content is 2.4 g per 100 ml (cow's milk: approx. 3.3 g). However, it contains little calcium (20 mg, cow: 120 mg), which is therefore often added. Lactose free!

PRICE: around 1.50 euros per liter in the supermarket

Spelled milk

TASTE: similar to oat milk, but more intense, slightly nutty

CONTENT: contains only one percent fat, but also a few nutrients such as vitamin B. Spelled milk helps lower the cholesterol level with fiber.

PRICE: around 2.70 euros

Coconut milk

TASTE: very sweet, better mix with water

CONTENT: very high-fat milk from inside the coconut! The fat content is up to 15 percent. As a result, the milk is seldom drunk, but used for desserts, sauces and Asian dishes. Brings energy quickly!

PRICE: around five euros per liter in the supermarket

Technical advice: Prof. Peter-Christian Lorenzen from the Max Rubner Institute