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The 17 best RC construction machines [guide]

Repairing, building, digging, painting and plumbers: The construction work is hard and not fun? With remote-controlled construction machinery this question no longer arises. Or what Bob the Builder and his team would say: "Yo, we can do it!"

There are above all three things to consider when buyingso that your little construction workers can really have fun with the remote-controlled construction machines.

RC Construction Equipment Checklist

  • While with remote-controlled cars the Rangethe remote control plays a role in remote-controlled construction machinery not really crucial.
  • More important is that the remote control using RC technology works ("radio controlled"), so wireless.
  • Before buying, please consider carefully whether on construction sites in the Indoor or outdoor "Work" is done - and decide whether Plastic or metal models to be selected.
  • Metal RC construction machinery are particularly resistant and true to detail - and perfect for use suitable outside.
  • Entry-level models are made of plastic simpler in terms of functionality held, made of plastic and thus for smaller children in the indoor area suitable - and also significantly cheaper.

Which brands can you trust in remote-controlled construction machinery?

Recommended RC construction machines for children

What products do parents recommend?
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Remote controlled excavator and caterpillars

What this RC excavators and caterpillars have something in common with "rubber people" in the circus? Each joint, each shovel can be controlled individually, with some models it is even possible to rotate the turret 660 ° clockwise and counterclockwise. Equipped with so many possibilities, we recommend such construction machines for children who already have some experience with RC vehicles.

efaso 1:14 RC excavator 1550 - 2.4 GHz construction site vehicle with light and sound, metal shovel, ...
  • Remote-controlled 1:14 excavator with extensive control functions and metal shovel. Both parts of the excavator arm and the bucket can be controlled separately.
  • With light and sound effects (can also be switched off if necessary).
  • Suitable for outdoors. Thanks to the chain drive, it can also be used in the sandpit.
  • Functions: forwards / backwards, left / right, raising and lowering the arm, tilting the bucket, rotating the cab by 680 degrees.
  • German dealer, sales and shipping from Germany. Tel. Support possible.
Revell 24924 RC excavator with 6-CH 2.4 GHz remote control, suitable for outdoor use, shovel and tree grapple made of ...
  • remote-controlled excavator on a scale of 1:16 (approx. 1.6 kg) with 6-channel 2.4 GHz remote control - can be operated indoors or as an outdoor toy
  • Excavator with remote control -> the remote-controlled excavator can be controlled like a real excavator, the left and right side of the crawler undercarriage can be controlled individually
  • digs also below the ground line -> main arm, forearm and shovel or gripper can be controlled individually and the driver's cab / superstructure can be swiveled
  • Exchangeable shovel and tree grapple made of metal - the excavator set is delivered with a shovel, the functional grapple is included with the set and can be optionally installed
  • from 8 years, with sound module (can be switched off), exchangeable 400 mAh NiMH battery, handy chain drive - thanks to the modern, trouble-free 2.4 GHz remote control technology, ...
Bruder 02452 CAT large track tractor
  • The large Cat Track Dozer is suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • The cabin windows are made of transparent and unbreakable plastic
  • The doors of the track tractor can be opened. It is compatible with all bworld figures
  • The rear ripper is with up / down movement
  • The bulldozer has a lockable dozer blade. It is available in a 1:16 scale

Metal RC excavator

Remote controlled metal RC excavators are particularly robust and therefore perfect for outdoors. The controls on these models are particularly precise. Here will paid attention to every detail, around the models particularly realistic let it work. The most beloved RC excavators made of full metal are available here:

Top Race 23 Channel Fully Functional Remote Control Excavator BAU Tractor, Full Metal Excavator Toy Can ...
  • PROFESSIONAL 23-CHANNEL EXCAVATOR: This top race excavator is not just a toy, it is also a hobby item for professionals. LAST VERSION V. 3
  • POWER: Powerful motors and a battery of 2000 mAh. Digging force of 1.1 lbs. per cubic inch. Engine power of 180 lbs. Can a person wear on it.
  • PERFORMANCE: Will dig like a real excavator in heavy dirt. No need to soften dirt beforehand. Has real smoke and headlights for realistic performance.
  • SIZE AND BATTERY: 1:14 scale. The charging time is approx. 2-3 hours. Playing time 45-50 min.
  • FASTENERS AND COLLABORATION: Fork, shovel, drill, smoking oil, battery, USB charger cable and tools are included. Nice black tote bag too ...
siku 6740, Liebherr R980 SME crawler excavator, remote controlled, 1:32, incl. radio remote control, ...
  • Realistic toy model of a Liebherr crawler excavator for large and small excavator fans to dig holes, drive around or just have fun
  • Extensive functions: Proportional control of the right and left side, fully rotating upper structure, controllable excavator arm, excavation true to the original possible thanks to ...
  • High stability: Most of the excavator is made of metal, weight of more than 2kg, suitable for indoors and outdoors, maximum level of safety thanks to automatic shutdown ...
  • New standard of control options: 6 electronically controlled gears, faithful reproduction of the control movements of an excavator via joystick controls, excavator operation ...
  • Scope of delivery: 1x siku 6740 Liebherr R980 SME crawler excavator, incl. Radio remote control, scale: 1:32, material: metal and plastic parts, dimensions: 41.3 x 15.8 x 19.7 cm, ...
Amewi 22415 1:14 electric RC function model RTR
  • Full metal · Small and large shovel · Metal chains individually controllable · Including sound and smoke simulator
  • The arm, the shovel, the entire structure and each chain can be controlled separately
  • The model also has a sound and smoke generator
  • The tower can be rotated 360 ° endlessly
  • This high-quality processed and true-to-scale model of a chain excavator closes the gap between toys and high-end functional model making
s-idee® 18143 full metal excavator V4 version 1:14 23 duct with smoke and sound Huina 1580 580 metal excavator
  • ➔ s-idee 18143 full metal excavator V4 version 1:14 23 duct with smoke and sound in a noble leather case
  • ➔ 1:14 23 channels with smoke and sound
  • ➔ Do you have big plans? - There has never been a comparable model with this equipment in a price range in which it is normally only sufficient for a radio remote control!
  • ➔ The arm, the shovel, the entire structure and each chain can be controlled separately
  • ➔ The tower can be rotated 360 ° endlessly! This high-quality processed and true-to-scale model of a crawler excavator closes the gap between toys and extremely ...

There is more selection for RC excavators here ...

Remote controlled truck

Whether for use in the living room or in the sandpit: this one Original and detailed replicas of trucks are all extremely robust and equipped with all functionsthat small truck drivers need in everyday life. Depending on the version, please pay attention to the age information.

Bruder 03555 - Scania R-Series truck with low loader and Cat Bulldozer
  • Combination of the Scania R-series truck with low loader and the Cat construction site bulldozer
  • The doors of the low loader can be opened. It is compatible with all Bruder figures
  • The low loader trailer has a fully functional turntable coupling and the foldable supports offer a secure hold
  • The dozer blade of the Cat Bulldozer can be adjusted in height, lowered, tilted and locked. The tracks allow easy movement
  • You can find more vehicles and accessories from the Bruder range in our brand shop. To do this, click on the Brother brand name below the product title
BUSDUGA RC Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck with 2.4Ghz tipping body remote-controlled - LED flashing light and light -...
  • Sound & flashing light can be switched on and ALSO switched off, a very important function for parents.
  • Latest radio frequency - 2.4Ghz - No more problems if you want to play with several RC toys at the same time. And no antenna that disturbs, breaks off or you ...
  • Programmable functions with repeat function and an extra learning function - dimensions approx. Length 370 x width 150 x height 190mm
  • Mercedes-Benz Arocs license product including engine sound + horn + light + flashing light on the roof and tipping skip controllable via the remote control.
s-idee® S1573 Rc Dump Truck 1:14 truck 10 channel dump truck Huina 1573
  • ➔ s-idee 18178 Remote-controlled dump truck 1573 with full functionality with remote control, remote-controlled with battery and charger Huina 1573
  • ➔ Absolutely detailed replica
  • ➔ 2.4GHz technology for interference-free connection - several models can be driven at the same time
  • ➔ The tipper lifts an incredible 2.4 kg, all-wheel drive, very off-road
  • ➔ Scale 1:14 - 10-channel for various functions, order the appropriate replacement battery at the same time under the Asin B07XJQD4SJ
CARSON 500907170 - 1:12 Unimog U300 2.4G 100% RTR, commercial vehicle, light and sound functions, 2.4 GHz ...
  • The 1:12 scale Mercedes Benz Unimog is operated with a 2.4 GHZ remote control with 6 channels.
  • The remote-controlled vehicle is equipped with a light and sound function to ensure a realistic driving experience.
  • Trailers can be uncoupled using the 2.4 GHz remote control system.
  • The attached taillights and headlights can be switched on via the transmitter.
  • A prototypical driver figure at the wheel of the tractor and grippy knobby tires for rough terrain make the Unimog ready for its operations.

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Remote controlled crane

It goes “up” in the truest sense of the word with these remote-controlled cranes or crane vehicles. There are already models for children from 3 years - we have selected the most popular models for you.

Top Race 15-Channel Professional Remote Control Crane, BAU Toy Crane with Lights and Sound (TR-214)
  • Ease of use - you won't have any trouble with this remote controlled crane toy. The crane toy only has buttons. 1 starts the engine, 2 hangs the horn, 3 ...
  • Let your kids improve their creativity - let your kids have fun turning their playroom into a construction site. Not only will you have fun ...
  • There are no age limits to having fun - you and your children will love our remote control cranes. You can control it backwards, forwards, left and right, hook ...
  • Let your kids play without limits - top racing 1:45 scale rtr ready to run 12 channel remote control crane comes with 4 rechargeable AAA batteries. It will never come with ...
  • Buy with confidence - we stand behind this remote control crane toy with confidence! Never forget to check out Top Races for our brand name before buying ...
efaso 1:20 RC construction crane E563-003 - 2.4 GHz construction site vehicle with 360 ° rotation and lifting function of ...
  • Remote-controlled 1:20 construction crane with extensive control functions.
  • High-quality plastic ensures a stable model and allows weights up to 250 grams to be lifted.
  • 2.4 GHz technology enables the simultaneous and interference-free use of different RC models.
  • Functions: Moving the hook forwards / backwards and up / down. The crane can be rotated 360 °.
  • German dealer, sales and shipping from Germany. Tel. Support possible.
Dickie Toys Mega Crane, electric crane with remote control, for children from 3 years, 120 cm high, with ...
  • Fun in XL format - the 120 cm high tower crane is the absolute highlight on every construction site and can easily move cuddly toys, building blocks, figures, small cars and ...
  • With remote control - Thanks to the intuitive 4-button remote control, future crane operators can use the gripper arm to pick up toys with precision, pull them up, turn them and ...
  • For children from 3 years - the toy crane is ideal for boys and girls from 3 years. Together with a truck or other construction site vehicles, the crane ...
  • With gripper arm, loading carriage, cable winch, trolley, open cabin. Can be swiveled 350 °, electrically thanks to 6 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Dickie Toys quality - children love us. Parents trust us. As an internationally renowned and certified toy manufacturer, quality and safety come first ...
Bruder 03570 - Scania R-series Liebherr crane truck with light and sound module (incl. Battery)
  • The Scania R-series Liebherr crane truck is supplied with a sound module, which has four different functions, including a battery. The police stop functions ...
  • When the crane arm is fully extended and erected, the crane is 1.30 m high. The swiveling and individually adjustable support feet of the vehicle platform ensure the necessary ...
  • A newly developed cable winch with locking device and overload protection enables the crane hook to be handled very easily when lifting and lowering, even of large ...
  • The counterweight can be filled with sand or gravel. The tread tires round off the picture perfectly. The vehicle is compatible with all Bruder figures. Available is ...
  • You can find more vehicles and accessories from the Bruder range in our brand shop. To do this, click on the Brother brand name below the product title

There is more selection for RC cranes here ...

Bestsellers: RC construction machinery

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1Revell 24924 RC excavator with 6-CH 2.4 GHz remote control, suitable for outdoor use, shovel and tree grapple ... Currently no reviewsEUR 79.99 EUR 58.99Get it here
2s-idee® S1569 Rc Bulldozer Bulldozer Construction Machine Truck 1:24 LKW Huina 1569 Currently no reviews99.99 EURGet it here
3HBS Hubsons® 2-pack RC excavator + RC dump truck with many functions including battery, charger ... Currently no reviews99.65 EURGet it here
4RC Excavator Remote-controlled construction vehicle with metal shovel, 680 ° range of motion, all joints ... Currently no reviews89.99 EURGet it here