How often do you wear diapers

Where can I wear diapers everywhere?

I like diapers. Becoming aware of this fact and admitting it is a big step for many diaper lovers and adult babies. But for many it is also a relief to feel the feeling of a diaper again for the first time.

Most of the time, however, the diaper love remains a secret love that is often lived out alone in your own four walls. But not infrequently there is always the need to wear the diaper more often. This goes hand in hand with the question of where you can wear a diaper everywhere.

When I'm lying in bed? That's not a problem, nobody sees me.

When do I clean the apartment? This may be a bit strange at first, but it is also not a problem.

Wearing diapers outside the home?

What about the doctor? That is certainly a lot more difficult to answer. A diaper would not be noticed during every examination, but it is probably one of the most edgy places to wear diapers outside of your own home. If the diaper is discovered here, you will likely be asked about the reason for the diaper. You should be aware of this in advance. If you are uncomfortable with this question or if you don't know the answer, it is better to skip the diaper at the doctor's.

Diapers in public? Well, in principle you can of course also wear diapers in public, because after all there are thousands of people who have to do this for health reasons. But this is exactly where the border runs. As with all things that happen in public, one's own freedom ends where the freedom of the other begins.

With regard to diapers in public, this means: wear the diapers in such a way that you do not annoy or disturb anyone with them.

Do I have to wear inconspicuous diapers on the go?

Of course, that doesn't mean that you can only wear very thin diapers when you're out and about. You'd be surprised how rarely a diaper is actually noticed. Try to remember once. When was the last time you saw someone above toddler age that you were sure he or she was wearing a diaper? Have you ever seen this before?

You can see that if you don't pay attention to it, diapers are almost invisible in public. So you can of course wear your favorite diaper outside - just maybe not with thin leggings over it and without a sweater or T-shirt.

Even a particularly thick diaper cannot be seen by the untrained eye. And let's be honest, who has a trained diaper eye?

A frequently asked question for places to wear nappies is visiting parents, friends or acquaintances. There is usually no clear answer here. If it is only a short visit, for which a diaper is enough in case of doubt, then there is nothing really wrong with putting on a diaper. But you should make sure that the diaper is absorbent enough, because a leaking diaper will definitely be noticed.

If the visit lasts longer, maybe even over several days, then the crucial question to be clarified is: can you discard or store the used diapers inconspicuously? If that is not a problem, you can continue to wear diapers even on longer visits (always thank that you should not leave wet diapers in a travel bag for a long time, otherwise they can smell unpleasant). If not, you can use pants instead of diapers, for example. Then you have the opportunity to use the toilet at any time and without having to forego the feeling of the diaper.

If you have visitors yourself, you have to see whether you have quiet and inconspicuous places for changing diapers or whether you are always "under observation".

You decide when and where you wear diapers

Ultimately, it is always a question of how openly you are with your diapers or would like to deal with them in the future. If you don't care if someone hears about the diapers or if you just want to be open about it, then you can of course wear your diaper anytime and anywhere. It doesn't matter then whether someone notices it.

After all, it is not said that a decision once made must apply forever. Even a discovered diaper can be explained in retrospect as a short-term bladder problem.

However you ultimately decide, it is important that you feel comfortable and that nobody feels disturbed or harassed. If you can ensure that, then a great deal will be gained in terms of diapering.