Does cutting cat nails hurt them?

Toenail is thick and crumbles when you cut it ?!

The nightmare began 1 year ago. I wore nail polish on my feet for several weeks, kept repainting and was always a very well-groomed young girl. One day I wanted to take my nail polish off and repaint and I noticed that my big toe nail was turning a little yellow. At first I was scared, but then I didn't care and just painted it over. After a while I noticed that it was getting more and more yellow and I was ashamed and always hiding it with nail polish. But then, before I even knew what it was, the nail fungus ate my nail board. I read a lot on the Internet but was too embarrassed to buy something from the pharmacy. After half a year I FINALLY dared, it was very, very uncomfortable and cost 30 €! I then used the agent, it was a varnish but I noticed that my nail was getting thinner and thinner until it tore deeply in the front. I stopped the treatment. I always wore a plaster to stabilize the torn nail, but at some point it tore through. My nail is completely deformed, rounded. I have often resolved to go to a dermatologist / dermatologist and have already chosen addresses and planned everything, but it was too embarrassing for me because I am well known in my small town and I was too ashamed and never dared to where I am also such a well-groomed girl and then with something disgusting and humiliating. Well, my nail board is completely gone, so by nail board I mean the place where the nail starts to grow and it hurts. My nail gets more and more eroded from time to time and I know it's a VERY uncomfortable topic but what must it have and I need help. As soon as I have read it, it is the worst case of nail fungus. I have it for 1 year. I can no longer treat it, I have to have the nail removed surgically as well as I've read, but I'm still a minor and I have no money and my mother can by no means find out from God she doesn't just tell one person.

I'm in a very shitty position, help.