Can a twink be a top

8.2 Main first, twinks dead?

Hello everyone, I'm very excited about 8.2.

On the other hand, I read everywhere that for a long time now a lot can / must be collected / achieved with one char.

It is clear to me that the players will have to concentrate on one character for the first time in order to “be able to fly” anyway, but after that?

Will it continue to be so intense with all the new content that twinking, or rather decent parallel play of a few other classes, will not be possible at all?

So my question is something like this:
through the new / old system with the glyphs and the trinket, the skills themselves become quite powerful. Will it be a lot of effort to get these with multiple characters?

In the event that it will be very time-consuming, will the twinks do the above? To get revaluations / jewelry slots, then not allowed to run in any M +, because in addition to Rio there will be a new regulation like “post your xyz” item?

What is your expectation / experience so far?

I know a lot of people like to follow the “one account, one class” philosophy. However, we even see from the top guilds that the alts are not reprehensible in themselves.
Therefore, if possible, please do not have a one-sided view, “whoever twinks is stupid”. Thanks!

PS: Since the participation is quite large.

I am not concerned with whether twinking would be time-consuming or catching up on the item level, but rather the question of whether the new system that is being introduced is pearl collecting, jewelery, these plug-in things (like the old glyph system), etc. etc. , so everything that is new from 8.2 will be old friendly.