Can Indian MBBS Doctors Work in Canada

I know from a friend who went there in 2004 that you have to do the following

Store LMCC
then do another EXAMINA
and do RCPSC

if you have all that behind you, then you have to start the job in order to be registered as a doctor

check for visas

In certain regions, approval is easier because they urgently need a doctor here, for example on the Ar +++ of the world.

There are also opportunities to work as an EXCHANGE doctor in a hospital, such as an ASSI DOCTOR, which offers the time to find a job, which takes about 2 years for the program and offers enough time to take the necessary exams at the same time. So you can then apply for your registration and then stay in the country. The visa for this can be changed. As far as I know it is often used as a back door, because you work earns money and don't have to wait until everything is done, because waiting also costs money / living costs.

But I know more who organizes the event, I think it falls under specialist training.

Just ask the medical association, who will know about such programs, otherwise contact the medical association in Canada.

It is also an advantage if you speak French in addition to English, because many patients speak this language and feel that they are in better hands and is sometimes a condition for being hired.