Where do you shop on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping trap

Warning, discount trap!

Sale! Discounts! Everything must Go! Minus 30%, minus 50%, even minus 60% - the prices on Black Friday just tumble away. But do you really get the products cheaper? On average yes, but the discount campaigns are often not as extreme as they are presented to the outside world. That's why we've put together a few tips for you on how you can avoid the Black Friday shopping trap and buy really cheap that day!

TIP 1 - Compare prices

Even if the price on Black Friday often looks very cheap, it is often simple tricks that retailers use to deceive us. Therefore it is definitely worthwhile to compare prices. The easiest way to do this is with comparison platforms. The most common domestic solutions on the market are Idealo and Geizhals.

Tip 2 - set a budget / write a list

Sounds logical, but it's not easy to implement: only buy what you really need and only buy as much as you really want to spend. Simply set a budget limit and write a shopping list.

Tip 3 - These products are really cheaper!

As a rule, they are cheaper in stationary retail and online retail Game consoles and related games. Also TVs and food processors are cheapest on this day. But stay away from suitcases and luggage bags, they should be significantly cheaper on other days of the year.