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Reading hour : Uga-Uga in school

Language games by the author Arne Rautenberg delighted students at the Gartenstadtschule.

by Gabriele Vaquette
November 13, 2013, 5:00 p.m.

“What is a spherical spiny animal?” It's simple: Many fingers fly up in the youth library: a hedgehog! But writer Arne Rautenberg has even more up his sleeve: a red-skinned ape with an O? A tail-spiked arachnid? But most of the over 30 third graders also solve these puzzles at the reading in the 30th children's and young adult book weeks. With the animal alphabet and poems with a newly mixed choice of words, the author cast a spell over the garden city students yesterday.

To play with words is his goal. “The pleasure of language promotes thinking. You think your way into new areas, ”is how he describes the aim of his reading, which is more of a question-and-answer game. He asks funny and strange rhymes: “Do you drink flower water from the vase, or do you prefer strawberry milk in a glass?” The students who are becoming “courageous” today curl up and shout “Yes” or “No”. The two classes 3a and 3b mutate into a large Uga-Uga choir afterwards, because Rautenberg invented his own language and brought it with him.

The children can't get enough, then jump to Arne Rautenberg and want an autograph. They get that too - and of course a group picture with the writer. “The contact is really great. This is how the children learn what kind of job it is and they get a feel for language, ”says Heike Dörner, class teacher at 3b. The students are enthusiastic: “He made good jokes. And this Uga-Uga language is funny ”, say Phillis (8) and Laila (8) from 3a.