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Singapore / Bintan

Because Andrea is not only a member of his parish, she has been his great love for a long time. Of all people, Dr. Bertram, the head of the Roman Catholic Church Court, observes the secret lovers as they kiss passionately. He sees this as a clear violation of celibacy and expects consequences.

Sarah Benning and her heavily pregnant sister Marie Davis, who lives with her family in America, are taking a break on the dream ship. After several miscarriages, Marie offered her sister to be her surrogate mother and to carry her child for her. When Sarah notices her neighbor Helga Brunntaler with her daughter Valentina at the pool of the "MS Deutschland", she panics. In desperation, she confesses to her sister that she faked the pregnancy at home to avoid the gossip and questioning.

When she slips ashore in Singapore, Sarah's secret comes to light. While Helga shows understanding, Valentina reacts extremely negatively. She cannot understand that Sarah messes with nature's craft, and lets them feel it at every opportunity. Helga realizes that it is time to have a clarifying and long overdue conversation with her daughter.

Steffen Hauswald and his daughter Lena, who has just passed her state examination in law, are traveling alone. Lena's mother and her sister Natalie have died. Lena's father has not come to terms with Natalie's death to this day. He tries to raise his youngest child to have a second Natalie, including studying law, which Natalie also completed. But Lena has long since had other plans and is tired of not being seen by her father for who she really is. Then Steffen Hauswald recognizes Malte Vogt, the first officer of the "MS Deutschland", the man who has his daughter Natalie on his conscience.