What are Black Friday prices

Black Friday 2020 is over again ...

How good that you can get bargains all year round on idealo.de!

1. Black Friday discounts

"Save up to 50%!" - lies behind this just an advertising promiseto attract customers to online shops on Black Friday?

Mega specials are possible, but not everything is cheap! We have put together in the following section which discounts are realistic for smartphones, televisions, headphones or game consoles.

Eight percent discount on average

To find out how much online shoppers can really save on Black Friday, we carried out an extensive price study. The 50 most popular product categories were analyzed on Black Friday 2019. We also took a closer look at the price developments of over 2,200 products from around 950 retailers.

The result: On average, the savings on Black Friday are just eight percent. But that doesn't mean that you can't make substantial savings in individual product categories.

The most popular categories are not necessarily the cheapest

The most popular product categories on Black Friday include, for example, smartphones, televisions, notebooks, tablets and the like.

However, our analysis shows that save far more in other categories leaves. While smartphones were reduced by an average of just six percent last year, the savings in categories such as PS4 games, gamepads or running shoes were sometimes over 20 percent.

Bargains are possible even before Black Friday

What our evaluation also makes clear: Black Friday still likes to be the Shopping day of the year apply - good bargain but are also possible in the weeks before the actual day of the action.

In ten of the 50 categories analyzed, shoppers were able to save more on a different day in October or November 2019 than on Black Friday itself. This applied to espresso machines, men's and women's fragrances and barbecues, for example. Articles of clothing such as men's or women's coats were also cheaper in October than on the last Friday in November.

In the smartphones category, too, there were a total of eight days in November on which the price was on average cheaper than on Black Friday.

So it's worth it Look out for deals as early as the end of October and the beginning of November and compare prices.

Online shops advertise with tempting discounts and special offers - if you believe the retailers, you can save a lot of money. But caution is advised, because not every bargain is actually one.

In the next section you will find out how to recognize “real” special offers and which tools you can use to save not only money but also time and nerves.

In the midst of the abundance of special deals and discount campaigns on Black Friday, you quickly lose track of things and sometimes lose control. That's why: One Good preparation helps to avoid falling into a rash shopping frenzy.

One helps for a better overview and as a small reminder Checklist. In the end, it's about buying things that are really needed.

  • Which articles I really want to buy, which ones are optional?
  • For the desired article oneProduct list by priority invest.
  • price comparison Start before Black Friday to find out about the current market price and record it in the product list.
  • Your ownmaximum desired price record in the product list.
  • Estimate the total and your ownexisting budget double check.
  • Then revise the product list again if necessary andto question critically: Do you really need the article?
  • A price alarm clock for the articles on idealo with the maximum desired price.

Set idealo price alarm clock!

The idealo price alarm clock not only helps you on your bargain hunt on Black Friday. Once you have found your desired product on idealo, you will find the price history plus price alarm clock to the right. Enter your desired price in the corresponding field. This should be as realistic as possible, the price development will help you.

This is how the idealo price alarm clock works:

  1. You go to the desired product on idealo and click on the price alarm symbol to the right of it.
  2. Enter a realistic desired price and activate the alarm clock.
  3. If the price is reached, you will automatically receive an email or a notification if you use the idealo app.

You can find detailed video instructions here.

Check price development!

Dealers and shops advertise 50 to 90 percent discounts on discount days such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. It should be noted here that the discounts are often based onthe "recommended retail price" (RRP) of the manufacturer.

Consumer advocates criticize theRRP as "moon price", since the normal market sales prices are already below this. The advertised discounts shrink if the current market price is used.

The idealo price development helps to identify real bargains. The price curve is shown retrospectively up to one year. Price fluctuations - highs and lows - can be seen at a glance.

Use the bargain filter!

Our bargain filter offers you another option identify real deals as such.

The filter can on every category page on idealo.de and in the idealo app to be activated.

You will then be shown the savings for each product compared to the average price of the last 90 days. The manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP) does not matter. So you can immediately see how the discounted price relates to the usual, real market price.

Does it have to be the black iPhone - or would the same model in silver also be an option? Who here remains flexible, increases his chances for a bargain. One variant of the same product is often cheaper than another. This not only applies to colors, but also to memory sizes.

Previous models are also usually more heavily discounted on Black Friday than recently released products. So if you don't necessarily need the latest news, you have a better chance of landing a Black Friday bargain.

We advise: take off your blinkers and look around to the right and left. You will be surprised how great the savings potential can be.

Coupons and discount codes help save additional euros. Online portals such as Coupons.de or Mydealz, for example, offer coupons for free shipping.

The editors and the users themselves submit discount vouchers that are commented on and rated by the community.

European price comparison!

German online shoppers have some concerns about buying in foreign shops. A look at the European prices can be worthwhile.

Online retail celebrates Black Friday not only in Germany, but also in neighboring countries.

European prices at a glance:

On idealo.de you will find all offers for an item in the menu bar on the left - under “Recently Viewed”, “Top 10 Products”, “Currently Popular on idealo” - the international prices of idealo Italy, Spain, UK, France and Austria .

Right at the top is the cheapest offer for the respective article in the corresponding idealo country, so that it becomes clear quickly and clearly whether the purchase abroad is worthwhile.

Mega bargains, which are often only available to a limited extent, tempt you to rush to buy. Unfortunately, discount days like Black Friday also attract fraudsters.

The increasingly professional presentation of so-called fake shops makes it increasingly difficult for consumers to recognize the deception.

Therefore: keep calm and check the shop carefully before buying!

  • Are several secure payment methods (invoice, PayPal, credit card) available?
  • Does the shop have a well-known seal of approval, for example from Trusted Shops or the EHI?
  • Is there a link to the test certificate on the seal?
  • How are the shops and dealers rated, for example by Trusted Shops or idealo?
  • Can imprint, terms and conditions and a cancellation policy be found on the shop pages?

Tip: In case of doubt, do not pay in advance. The safest option is to purchase on account, as the goods can be checked calmly before paying. In addition, the purchase process with PayPal is relatively safe and convenient due to the buyer protection.

3. Rights in bargain purchases

Consumers are often unsure whether the same rights apply to returns, complaints or exchanges when buying a bargain online.

Whether discounted goods can be returned and what rights apply if the bargain turns out to be broke, answered Dr. Carsten Föhlisch. He is the head of the legal department of Trusted Shops and Expert in consumer law for online shopping.

4. This is what makes online shoppers tick

Once again this year, online retailers use the last Friday of the month to lure with rich discounts and special offers. And still is 2020 everything will be a little different. The corona pandemic is leaving its mark and presenting companies and consumers with new challenges.

We wanted to find out how online shoppers are dealing with the crisis - and that's why we have them for theirs planned consumer behavior on this year's Black Friday questioned.

Less rush for Black Friday in the Corona year 2020

The result of our consumer survey: Most Germans are in an austerity mood and are showing rather moderate interest in this year's Black Friday. More than half of those surveyed stated that they did not want to take part in the sales event this year - or at least plan less budget than last year.

In addition to that caused by Corona deteriorated financial situation and the fear that dealers would be out this year don't pass on big discounts, but also became a fundamental disinterest listed as a reason for not attending major sales events.

265 euros: This is the budget that the respondents average this year planned for Black Friday to have.

Last year it was 300 euros. In comparison, the budget drops by an average of 35 euros. And yet it is still enough to make one or the other desired purchase.

What the anticipated discounts concerns, they go Opinions differ.

42 percent of those surveyed believe that they can save between eleven and 20 percent on Black Friday, while a third of consumers expect only five percent savings.

The real savings averaging eight percent is likely to cause disappointment for many online shoppers.

5. History of Black Friday

What is Black Friday all about? Why does the term stand for THE bargain day of the year? And how did Black Friday even get into German online retail?

We shed light on the historical development of what is currently the most famous online shopping day and show how a single day has now grown into weeks of shopping madness.

"Black Friday" comes from the USA and refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving (German: Erntedankfest) at the end of November. Many Americans take this bridging day between public holidays and the weekend off and use the day to prepare for Christmas and to buy their first Christmas presents.

The term is said to have been used for the first time in 1961 by the Philadelphia police to describe the massive traffic jams and overcrowded sidewalks with people who are crazy about shopping.