Where do road construction workers park

Trouble with parking due to construction site

Hi first,
At the moment I'm pretty angry about a construction site across from our property.
So far there have been 3 incidents that I would like to explain:

Case 1, see picture below the text:
I parked my car in the parking lot on Sunday evenings as shown below. Since I was on vacation, I didn't have to go to my car for the next few days. On Wednesdays at around 10 a.m. the doorbell rang, a construction worker asked if I could drive the car away, it would interfere and there would also be a no parking sign. I said I would drive it away in about 5 minutes, the construction worker said it's okay. I then went to my car to drive it away, there was a mobile no-parking sign in front of my car, directly on my bumper, only about 10 cm away. The sign "No parking" read: Valid from Wednesday, xx.xx.2013 7:00 am. In the meantime the public order office was already there and I had a parking ticket for 20 EUR, the reason: Parking is absolutely prohibited with traffic obstruction. I parked my vehicle and paid the ticket angrily.

Case 2:
Around 8 a.m. in the morning a construction worker rang the doorbell again, my vehicle would interfere with whether I could drive it away. There was no sign this time. I then drove my car on its side.

Case 3:
Today, around 11 a.m., another construction worker was at the door. He asked if the vehicle was mine, I answered yes. Then he said that I have to drive away my vehicle because 2 large trucks were about to come. I told him that I couldn't have to keep driving my vehicle away. Then they should simply block the parking lots so that one cannot stand in the first place, because again no sign was put up there. He just said it wasn't his responsibility.
So I parked my vehicle again.

But I'm slowly getting enough with this construction site.
Was the ticket in case 1 actually justified? I read the mobile sign must be set up 3 days in advance before it is valid. There was no sign on Sundays. If it is Monday morning & lpar; let's say 7 o'clock & rpar; has been set up and is valid from Wednesday 7 a.m., that is only 48 hours.

In cases 2 and 3, I should move the car because the excavator or truck is blocking the road. The traffic should then drive through the parking lot, so my vehicle is disturbing.
Do I even have to change parking spaces if the construction worker stands in front of the door and says the vehicle would interfere? In both cases there were no signs.

Thanks for reading.

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