Are the grocery stores food safe?

Blowtorch - hardware store versus kitchen shop. Is there a difference?

In fact, the gas is not always the same - both propane and MAPP gas are available in hardware stores; You want to get a propane. (It's cheaper but it doesn't get that hot ... you don't need extra heat to cook)

Okay, the hardware stores are either a lot bigger or a lot smaller (they make some small mini emergency flashlights that are about the size of an AA battery flashlight). I would think if you are a caterer and host smaller parties at customers' sites, the medium-sized "culinary" flashlight would be an advantage as it has enough gasoline to get the job done but not so big that running it takes up a lot of space.


Yes. I imagined trying to brown a creme brulee with my bjillion BTU MAPP gas soldering torch. Not a nice site. But I could try for chillies ...


@dmckee: It's not much hotter - 2900C vs. 2800C.

Michael Natkin

Does anyone know whether the MAPP gas is even food safe? I use a hardware propane flashlight and I am very happy with it. Refills are cheap and last a lot longer than the dumb little kitchen stores.


@ Michael: It's a pure hydrocarbon with no ethane rings so I would assume you should be fine as long as you get a full burn (i.e. a nice blue centered flame with no smoke). I would not use my pipe soldering torch as it is difficult to reliably set it for small amounts of power. Six inches of flame? No problem.


@ MichaelatHerbivoracious Yes, MAPP is safe. In fact, the authors of Modernist Cuisine recommend MAPP over propane / butane because of its higher flame temperature and less tendency to deposit flavors on food (which may be the case with propane).