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Algo trading and robots: trading courses on Udemy (2021)

Developing an automated trading system is a great skill for traders of all levels of development. You can build full-fledged trading systems that operate without your constant control. You can also thoroughly examine your new trading concepts.

You can also have your trading ideas programmed by third parties. But learning how to do it yourself will save you time and money. But even if you let someone else do the programming, you can better communicate if you master the basics.

Doesn't more efficient trading sound good to you?

If so, get started with the following courses on Udemy.

Udemy's courses are an affordable way to learn a new skill, step-by-step.

From hundreds of trading courses on Udemy, we've selected 10 courses for you. All selected courses have in common that they concentrate on automated trading (algo trading) and analysis.

How these ten courses were selected

When selecting these ten courses, we took the following criteria into account:

  • Number and quality of reviews
  • Scope and curriculum of the respective course
  • Diversity of platforms and markets

How to choose your course

To choose the right course, consider your sources of information and your programming capabilities. In particular, you must pay attention to the following:

programming language

If you decide to use a programming language that you are already familiar with, you can You shorten your learning process.

If you are completely inexperienced in programming languages, MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4 for programming trading strategies) is ideal. But you can also take a basic programming course for your preferred programming language to make the learning process easier. (For this you will find the recommended courses Python and C # afterwards)


Each course uses a different platform for training. Therefore, make sure that you have or get access to the platform you are using.

Special requirements

Some courses require specific requirements, such as access to the Broker API (API: "Application Programming Interface" = programming interface for application programming). These courses are useful for getting access to the APIs. However, you will need access to these brokers in case you do not have an existing account.

The ten courses below are not classified. Your decision should be based on your goals and sources. Therefore, a listing in absolute order does not make sense.

Instead, I used the courses for simplified navigation according to the programming language orderly.

  • MQL4
  • python
  • Others (C #, VBA, R)

Metaquotes Language 4 (MQL4)

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular charting platform for private forex traders. Their scripting language is MQL4.

The main advantage of MQL4 is its huge amount of sources that you can use. In forums like ForexFactory you can find trading strategies that can be used in MQL4.

If you have MetaTrader 4 installed with access to market data, you are well equipped.

MQL4 programming for traders: develop stable trading robots!

This course provides an excellent introduction to MQL4. This includes several basic and common trading strategies, including crossovers of moving averages and fractals. This will give you enough knowledge to study advanced trading strategies.

Although this course is for total beginners If you are familiar with MT4, it will be easier for you.

Click here for MQL4 programming for traders: Develop stable trading robots!

Tutorial: MetaTrader: How This Trading Software Works (Videos)

Build your own forex trading robot

This well-made course is also suitable for beginners. However, its scope is more limited than MQL4 programming for traders.

It's also a much shorter course. The total length of this video is just under 2 hours.

The lecturer Paul du Long has chosen this course for an easy one Price action trading strategy decided. If you are not interested in indicators, this course offers a concise and concise training course.

Click here for programming for traders: Construct stable trading robots!

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Black Algo Trading: Construct your trading machine

This high quality course is the most extensive of all four listed courses for MQL4. It is noteworthy that the course includes an optimization technique that other courses ignore.

If you need a complete foundation course this is for you. But if you want to master the basics to get started quickly, you may find parts of this course boring.

Important NOTE

In the course description you will find a list of topics from course 1 to course 5. However, courses 2 through 5 are not included in this Udemy course. These subtleties should not be overlooked.

But that doesn't mean that this course isn't worth it. The range of course 1 alone is extensive for every beginner.

To keep fees down, you can work through course 1 and then decide whether courses 2 through 5 are worth the cost to you. You just need to set your expectations in a way that avoids disappointment.

At least this is the one most popular Udemy course on automated trading with more than 24,000 students.

Click here for Black Algo Trading: Develop your trading machine!

Algorithmic Forex Trading: Develop Your First Forex Robot!

Instructor Kirill Eremenko leads many popular courses that have received rave reviews on Udemy. This is one of his courses. It's about one basic and practical coursewho will introduce you to MQL4 programming.

This course applies absolute beginner. So if you already have some experience with MetaTrader 4, you may find the content to be partly too simple.

It's still an excellent course for anyone who needs a solid MQL4 foundation.

For Forex Trading With Algorithms Click Here: Develop Your First Forex Robot!


Python is the most popular programming language in recent years. This is due to their widespread use, documentation and clear syntax.

While MQL4 is aimed exclusively at private traders, Python goes beyond that. If you intend to pursue an algorithm trading career, Python is your best bet.

I strongly recommend getting one first basic understanding of python before taking any of the following courses.

To learn the basics of Python, you can take a look at the following courses:

Python for financial analysis and algo trading

The instructor on this course, Jose Portilla, is dedicated, responsible, and knowledgeable.

An intensive Python course is part of the course, but it may not be sufficient. As pointed out earlier, I recommend that you learn the basics of Python first before enrolling in the course.

The course includes various Python libraries, that are related to finance and essential quantitative finance concepts, with the former taking precedence.

This is a collaborative environment to develop your quant trading skills. Quant trading means that trading ideas are mapped in computer programs.

Overall, this course is great for aspiring quant traders.

Click here for Python for financial analysis and algorithm trading.

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Python Algo Stock Trading: Automate Your Trading!

While the previous course ends with Quantopian, this course starts with Quantopia.

Look for a quick start in Quantopian? This course is designed to do just that. This will get you started quickly with Quantopian.

Click here for Python Algo Stock Trading: Automate Your Trading!

Python Algo Trading: FX Trading with Oanda

This course has a specific goal. He shows you how to use the API from Oanda work. In that sense, he's doing an excellent job.

Think of this course as a technical guidancewho will assist you in doing algorithm trading with the Oanda API. You will be satisfied with it.

So if you want to trade with Oanda and get more value from it, take a closer look at this price.

But if you are looking for a complete trading system development foundation, this course is not what you are looking for.

Click here for Python Algo Trading: FX Trading with Oanda

Other courses (C #, VBA, R)

Automated trading strategies using C # and Ninjatrader 7

NinjaTrader is our partner software. I used them for years on my Day Trading with Price Action course. It is reliable and works with multiple brokers.

Important note: this course is not suitable for beginners. It's for those who are familiar with the basics of C # and want to delve deeper into automated trading.

To learn C #, you should take these two courses:

For those traders with a background in C #, this course can save them from figuring out everything themselves with NinjaTrader 7. The course guides you step-by-step through the basics of developing automated trading strategies.

Click here for automated trading strategies using C # and NinjaTrader 7

Create your own automated stock trading robot in Excel!

There are contemporaries who seem to be able to do anything with Excel. Add automated trading to this list.

Excel is one Standard software, which is used in many workplaces. Therefore, it is likely that you are already familiar with Excel. In that case, you are in a good position to start this course.

In this course, you will learn by working with and understanding an exemplary trading system, namely Ranger 1.0

The disadvantage of this course is that the system only works with Interactive Brokers' Excel API.

If you're familiar with Excel and have an Interactive Brokers account, this might be the course for you.

Click here to develop your own automated trading robot in Excel.

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Quantitative trading analysis with R

R is a programming language created for statistical analysis. This is why this course is different from the other courses. It is focused on analyzing, not executing trades.

Basic knowledge of the R programming language is helpful, but not essential.

The R programming language mainly refers to the following impressive areas of application:

  • Risk management and performance metrics
  • Optimization techniques
  • Investigation of different types of strategies

This 7 hour course is superbly designed. It guides you through the process of installing the required packages. The program code files also serve to make learning easier for you.

Click here for quantitative trading analysis with R

Automate your trading strategy

These online courses are great for learning the basics of automated trading step-by-step. There is something intimidating about algorithmic trading. A structured course to get you started is useful and saves time.

Be realistic about your expectations. Some courses make profitability claims. Don't take these promises at face value.

Expect to learn how to develop automated trading systems from these courses. Don't expect to make money from it.

Are you finding it difficult to choose between these ten courses? Do you want a brief overview of recommendations?

Here you go:


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But don't worry; I will not incur any additional costs to you.

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