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Love, freedom, solitude

Do I actually know what love is? Have you not asked yourself this question before? Love is a fascinating thing - basically we all strive for it somehow. Often we look for it in others. We expect reciprocal love, recognition and, as a result, a bit of great happiness. We want to experience this great happiness, this fulfillment that everyone speaks of when they say: “Love has changed my life, it fills me every day when I look into the eyes of my husband / wife and my children. I am so infinitely happy! ”But is that really love that we feel? How can we be so sure that this feeling we are feeling is really love? Can this kind of love last? Can it really make us happy in the long term if we look for love in another person? You surely already know the answers to these questions - just as I knew them long before the realization hit me like a blow: We can never locate the source of love in another person. But before I share my thoughts on the true nature of love with you, I would first of all like to introduce you to an impressive philosopher who also had a lot to say about the true nature of love, namely Osho. In his books, one of which I would like to introduce you to today, his teachings on love and other topics from his lectures have been transcribed and summarized. The title of the book I would like to introduce to you today is "Love, Freedom, Alone" Osho. In this book he describes his understanding of love, freedom, relationships and being alone in four sections. Osho's views are radical but simple. ON LOVE, FREEDOM, ALONE FROM OSHO The title of the book I would like to introduce to you today is "Love, Freedom, Alone" Osho describes his understanding of love, freedom, relationships and aloneness in this book in four sections. Osho's views are radical but simple. He manages to ask exactly the right questions by questioning pretty much all of our modern structures, rules and conventions. The reader is left with the question of whether he really wants all that he is living at the moment. Do you really love or do you chase after a mirage? Do you even know what love is? Can you be alone with yourself or are you just looking for excuses? Can we really only live happily in one relationship? Are you really selfish or is it just healthy self-love? All these questions remain in the end and Osho invites us with his statements about our world to question our own worldview and instead to follow our true values. WHY YOU SHOULD READ OSHO Osho's views, e.g. about love, may in some ways be very radical and, if we listen to them, they will certainly leave us with the urge to change. Because without considering change, one can only reject Osho's thoughts, but if we are willing to question some of the conventions of our modern world, I believe that Osho's thoughts can help us move to the next level and ours To advance development. At least his views left me very reflective and still work in part on me now. For Osho, love is not something you just find in a relationship with someone else. Love is the everyday power that lives in everything and ultimately flows into God. For Osho, love begins with the first step of self-love, before we don't love ourselves, we can never truly love another person, says Osho. In Osho's eyes, serving other people is an expression of true love - by sharing the gift that we are with the world, we become servants of true love. This true love begins with ourselves. Osho is right to say that we have forgotten how to love ourselves - on the contrary, if you enjoy spending time with yourself, you are more likely to be considered a narcissist. For Osho, a person who cannot love himself is incapable of love at all. We try too hard to never be alone. Hand on heart: How many people do you know who would rather be in a relationship with someone than be alone? I think of at least five people straight away. Osho realized that many relationships only function to distract oneself from one's inner life. How many parents I see today walking their children in a stroller - headphones on their ears and staring at their smartphones. Is that really love Osho is very clear: No, this is not true love, it is unreal love. Only when we start loving ourselves unconditionally again can we experience true love for other people, he says. Love for ourselves can become a radical transformation that changes everything. "Love, Freedom, Alone" is a book that leaves you with a lot of thoughts. It is not just a piece of entertainment reading, but rather invites you to question your behavior and your habits. Even if Osho's views are far too radical for you in the end, or you absolutely disagree with him, this book is worth looking into because it can help you become aware of your views on the most basic values ​​of our society to become. Personally, I can only recommend the book to you, because I find it very important to keep becoming aware of your own habits, values ​​and behaviors. If you are still not entirely sure whether the book is for you, you can read into the free reading sample. However, I would like to ask you to stay open when you read the book and maybe even to question your own views and beliefs. All the best for you, your Giulia