Why does poop taste bad

Translation of "wie Scheiße schmeckt" in English

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Philippe says that how shit tastes.
Because all of you Yankees how shit tastes.
But not your mustard because of that how shit tastes.
Philippe says that how shit tastes.

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There dreams come true and pigeonShit tastes like Tapioca.
It tastes like shitbut ... it keeps you young.
I know it tastes like shit on toast, but it'll help flush the drugs out.
Your research suggests that your customers mean their water tastes like shit.
If we leave this room, this is wasted time and bread tastes like shit.
Forgive me, I wouldn't buy a sponge cake with a vagina flavor, but when you're down there on femininity, you don't want that Fuck how Ice cream tastes good.
Mind you, I don't think I'd ever go for a vagina-flavored cupcake, but when you're down there in the ladyness, you don't want that shit to taste like ice cream.
When I eat your food I can really say, "That tastes like shit."
Because the smuggled stuff shit tastes good.
Because the homemade fuel shit tastes good.
I know and the rare one Shit tastes good Well.
She discovered that smoking was just through curious attention while she was smoking shit tastes good.
What she discovered just by being curiously aware when she smoked was that smoking tastes like shit.
Chooses the thing that is the least shit tastes good and put them in your mouth.
Pick the thing that sucks the least, and put it in you mouth.
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