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Quora: Expert answers to a number of questions

At first glance, "Quora" is another question-and-answer portal such as Yahoo Answers, Answers.com or Gutefrage.de in Germany, which was founded by former Facebook employees in 2009. The online service, however, promises the content -To deliver quality that many users have missed with the existing alternatives. So the founders were able to win important personalities as experts from the start, who contributed to the good reputation of the platform with their answers. The focus on quality is also evident in the Functionality of the software: Questions asked or answers provided can be edited subsequently by other users, thereby motivating the community to continuously improve the content.

What distinguishes Quora from the classic question-and-answer portals is the seamless integration with the social networks Twitter and Facebook and the implementation of functions that characterize these platforms. With Quora, like with Twitter, it is possible to follow other users and subscribe to topics. The direct publication of questions and answers on social networks also ensures the necessary viral effect.

In addition to the central web platform, Quora offers an iPhone app that is available free of charge in the App Store. A major disadvantage is that the content is currently only available in English.


Quora tries to build a knowledge database that should make a search on Google or Wikipedia superfluous. It remains to be seen whether the ambitious startup will actually succeed. The fact is that Quora is much more than just another question and answer portal.

  1. Desktop search
    Overview directly from the tile surface: With Windows 8.x, Microsoft has integrated the search so directly into the system that the user can simply “start typing” when looking for settings on the computer, for example.
  2. The integrated search on the current Windows systems
    Not only is this new search embedded much better in the operating system, it also makes it possible, for example, to search for certain submenus or settings in the system.
  3. Filter search
    The search can also be restricted under Windows 8.x: The user can choose to which area (whereby the Internet search is also possible here) he would like to restrict a query.
  4. The classic
    The traditional type of search on Windows 8.x systems: The context-sensitive menus of the Explorer immediately present the various options to users.
  5. The familiar surface
    Anyone who uses Google's desktop search engine does not need to change. The search works according to the usual pattern via the browser as a front end. Unfortunately, Google no longer provides this software.
  6. Firmly and well integrated into the operating system
    With the Mac OS X operating systems, the Spotlight desktop search is available as standard from Release 10.4 (Tiger).
  7. Typical Mac OS application
    The system settings offer the user a certain amount of setting options, but if he wants to switch off indexing, for example, he has to switch to the command line of the Unix below.
  8. A useful extension, but unfortunately it is only available for a fee and in English
    As a frontend, HoudahSpot complements the built-in search Spotlight with many functionalities.
  9. One of the great advantages of working with HoudahSpot
    The program brings its own tray to the system, which can also be switched off again. With its help, the user can provide his files with his own tags and thus better organize and find them.
  10. Also uses the Spotlight engine
    With Tembo, the manufacturer Houdah also provides an extended desktop search in German, which offers the user many more setting options.
  11. Small, quick and ready for immediate use without installation
    The SearchMan is something like the "little runabout among the desktop search engines. The surface won't win a beauty award, but it does its job.
  12. Fast even without an index
    Searching through a large folder is much faster than is possible with Windows Search. In addition, you can then continue to search in the search results.
  13. But an index can also be created
    The SearchMan application also proved to be extremely fast and powerful in this activity.
  14. Build index
    The creation of an index can also be controlled directly by the user in the free Lite version of Copernic.
  15. Well structured and tidy surface
    Most users will quickly find their way around Copernic Desktop Lite even without appropriate instructions.
  16. Simple and very stringent interface
    FileSearchEX is the right solution for all users who prefer to work with an interface such as was offered on Windows computers up to the XP systems. Unfortunately, it is not available completely free of charge.
  17. Good combination
    The easy-to-use interface is supplemented by good and very quickly available search results.
  18. The installation of HulbeeDesktop Free
    Here the user can decide how to create the index. This task takes some time with this program.
  19. Certainly does not meet the taste of all users and is rather unusual in a company environment
    The surface of HulbeeDesktop Free is kept in comic style.
  20. Unusual, but quite practical
    The search can be quickly expanded or restricted by directly selecting the terms from the DataCloud on the program's interface.