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Ingenious WhatsApp trick: this function makes one-handed typing easier


With WhatsApp you can use an ingenious trick to adjust the keyboard so that you can type easily with just one hand. This is how the trick works.

  • There is a trick that makes WhatsApp easier to type with one hand.
  • We show how this works on Android phones and the iPhone.

You sometimes use the WhatsApp messenger with one hand, but typing with one hand can be difficult, especially with large smartphones. The thumb struggles to reach the other side of the screen. It quickly becomes exhausting. But it doesn't have to be a small cell phone.

Save the money and activate the one-hand keyboard in Messenger. If you are in the chat, you can align the keyboard to the right or left in just a few simple steps, making one-handed typing easier.

Adjust the one-handed keyboard


Depending on the smartphone and settings, you can set the one-hand keyboard in different ways. On the iPhone you call up the keyboard in the chat and then press and hold the world symbol below. Now select the desired keyboard orientation. Don't you have a world symbol? Then press and hold the emoji icon instead.

  • Press and hold the world symbol in the keyboard
  • Alternatively, press and hold the emoji symbol in the keyboard
  • Align the keyboard to the right or left


With Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, however, you tap the three dots in the keypad, then select "Text editing" and then the desired keyboard layout.

  • Tap the three dots above the keyboard
  • Choose modes
  • Choose one-handed keyboard

If these adjustments are not enough for you, we will show you ways to individualize your Android keyboard. Of course, you can also configure your iOS keyboard.

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You have to know these secret WhatsApp functions

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