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Water sources with fresh spring water in your area

Last update: 24.07.2020

I will show you how to find clean water sources in your area. And you will learn how you can test the water - to find out whether you really want to drink it. ;-)

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What is spring water and what makes it so special?

Spring water is groundwater that emerges from the earth at a certain point. But before it rises from the water source there, it has come a long way. The children's book “Water Droplets First Journey” illustrates this path vividly.

The water seeps through many layers in the ground. And they act like huge filters and remove chemicals and germs. Along the way, it absorbs minerals that are important for health. I'll show you an example below.

Find water sources with fresh spring water near you

A lot of information on the net is unfortunately out of date or only a few sources are listed. Intensive research finally led me to a website in which countless users actively participate. There you record all possible POIs ("Point Of Interest" = interesting place) on a map - and thus also every freely accessible source.

This is the page With the help of the geodata collected there, world and special maps are generated. OSM, as it is abbreviated, is also suitable for navigation. It is THE free alternative to other map and navigation software.

If you are looking for a source near you on the map at OSM, you have to look for a small "S" on the PC:

The catch: searching for sources on OSM without tools is not very convenient

Do not despair! There is also an easier way ...

Find water sources with a smartphone app

It is even easier to discover water sources with your smartphone. The OsmAnd app is available for Android. Here you can have the POIs “sources” displayed in your area right away.

The simple search for water sources

Unfortunately, tracking down water sources on OSM is like finding a needle in a haystack. With SearchOSM there was once a website that made searching for sources and other POIs very easy. Unfortunately the project no longer exists. Maybe because of too much traffic from source searchers? ;-)

The next best alternative for finding water sources is the not-so-convenient website overpass turbo. There you can use the “wizard” to create a query about the term “spring” (English for “source”). As soon as you carry out the query, all water sources will be displayed on the map. With a click on the found sources you will get further information, such as the coordinates, the name of the source, etc.

Instructions: How to use overpass turbo to find water sources

Find water sources with overpass turbo

You can simply enter the following code at overpass turbo and click on "Execute". The system shows you all the sources and drinking water taps on the selected map section. If you just want to search for natural sources, simply delete the query for the drinking water POIs.

[out: json] [timeout: 25]; (// Query looking for water sources node ["natural" = "spring"] ({{bbox}}); // Query looking for drinking water taps node ["amenity" = "drinking_water"] ({{ bbox}});); out body; >; out skel qt;

The advantage of overpass turbo over SearchOSM (RIP!) is that you can search directly on the map for the place where you want to find the water source. If you then run the query, you will have a list of all the sources entered in OSM in no time at all.

I show you exactly how this looks in this video:

And what about the water quality?

Are you concerned about the quality of the spring water that has come to light? If you contact the responsible church, you can often learn more about the respective source. Analyzes of the drinkability of the water are not infrequently available, especially with known sources.

Water test (let)

If that doesn't help and you want to check the water quality yourself, you have two options:

  1. With a test case for fresh water analysis from the aquarium hobby you can check the most important values ​​of the water.
  2. An independent specialist laboratory tests the water for you. If the results there are okay, you can enjoy the spring water without hesitation. We recommend having the water tested with an Ivario test.

The source in the neighborhood

In this section I'll tell you what made us passionate about spring water.

Near our former place of residence there is a karst spring in the village, the "Mühlberger Spring". Analyzes of the water show no trace of the effects of surface waters on the source. And there is also no evidence of pollution.

Old postcard depicting the spring in Mühlberg

Sulphate and calcium in spring water

With a sulfate content of over 1000 milligrams per liter and a calcium content of over 400 milligrams per liter, the water of the spring does not meet the requirements that the Drinking Water Ordinance places on drinking water. Therefore it cannot be called that. That didn't bother us. And so we dared to go on site our Bottling spring water. Because vegan people like us are urgently advised to pay attention to the intake of calcium. We could easily meet our needs with the water from the spring.

Sulphate is healthy. Because it is involved in the development of proteins and cartilage substance. It tightens the skin and ensures beautiful hair. If you drink a lot of it, it has a laxative effect and thus aids digestion. It also promotes the flow of bile and helps against urinary stones. It lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and is useful in case of obesity and disorders of fat metabolism. Since there is also a lot of calcium in spring water, the water also works against inflammation in the body.

The fact that the limit value in drinking water is only 250 milligrams per liter is more technical and economic than health reasons. Because too much sulfate in the water leads to "biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion". In short: it breaks the sewage pipes. Odors can also develop. It would simply be too expensive to keep the sewer network in good working order, to renew it and to combat the stink.

Why we drink and love spring water: the diversity

The water of the "Mühlberger Springs" tastes refreshing and lovely! It cannot be compared at all with the “technically tasting” ultrapure water from the osmosis system.

When we moved to the Ore Mountains, we needed a replacement and found it using the tools presented. We were amazed at how different the water from the various springs tastes here. There is a very ferrous spring not far from here. You have to get used to the taste of the water. But we prefer to fetch spring water from a well, which is adorned by a sign with this quote from Goethe:

“Come and sip the drink of the Labe, which the mouth of the fountain offers you, nature willingly gives the gift; come and drink yourself healthy. "

The spring water there tastes really good and revitalizing. Here is a short, older video where we show you the source:

Spring water or tap water?

Finding the pure spring water that nature gives us can be a wonderful hobby. Because you can combine it with a walk in the vicinity of the source. In this way you also get to know your surroundings better. The search for sources brings us into nature. And whenever we drink the water, we feel connected to the planet and the origin of life.

Of course, we shouldn't take this as an opportunity to keep driving the car back and forth to fill up a bottle of water. Because that would pollute our environment. That is why we pack as many jars and containers as we can fill when we fetch water on a Sunday excursion. Then it's worth it. This “beverage dispenser” is particularly suitable. Because it is unbreakable and holds 12 liters of water.

Most of the tap water in Germany comes from water sources. In the linked post from us, you can find out why you can drink it without hesitation. So you can save a lot of money and garbage and do something good for the planet. By the way, here you can find more tips on how to protect the environment.

Conclusion on the search for water sources in your area

Could I arouse the desire in you to go on a discovery hunt for springs and taste different types of spring water? With the tools I introduced you to, it is very easy to get the coordinates of water sources (and other POIs).

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