McDonalds workers take home free food

McDonalds secret: McDonalds employees do not tell us these things

Have you ever sat at McDonalds and wondered how long the fat stays in the deep fryer? We do! While searching for the answer, we came across the 10 Biggest McDonalds Secrets.

Beer at McDonalds?

Is there! But not in every branch and only in Europe. Because every restaurant can decide for itself whether it wants to sell beer or not. Just ask at your local McDonalds.

This is how long the fat stays in the deep fryer

At McDonalds, the fat stays in the deep fryer for up to two days. Crumbs or other dirt are filtered out regularly.

Two fries? Yup!

That's right, you can ask for french fries twice as a side dish in the McMen├╝. This also works with other side dishes, for example two salads or two McNuggets. However, only applies in Germany.

Make french fries yourself - that's how it works

What is the best value for money?

There is a clear answer to this question: the happy meal. It beats the other menus by far.

Secret burgers

In the US, you can get secret burgers that are not on the menu. They order these through secret codes that are difficult to obtain. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Germany.

Can McDonalds employees eat for free?

Yes, they can, but not indefinitely. An employee can eat 8 euros worth of food per break, but then no more.

The Big Mac Sauce Myth

Not even McDonalds employees know the ingredients for the secret Big Mac sauce. That is because it is never freshly made, but always delivered ready-prepared in buckets.

Maybe the sauce is the secret: this Big Mac is indestructible

Almost every employee has been injured

Namely on the deep fryer and on the grill. They get so hot that burns are often unavoidable. McDonalds tries to work against it with new guidelines - unsuccessfully so far.

The ventilation works wonders

Most McDonalds employees don't even smell strongly of burgers, fries and deep fryers after work. The ventilation usually works so well that the smell cannot settle on the skin.

Eliminate food odor in the apartment

You can order your burger without bread

In fact, even without other individual ingredients. That means you can order the burger without pickles, ketchup or lettuce. A fresher will then be prepared according to your wishes.

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