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The 6 Most Popular Products Selling On The Internet (Can You Enter These Markets?)

It is said that 80% of online businesses will go out of business in less than 2 years.

The inexperience or lack of knowledge is missing, among other things. not on the list of reasons why a new business is unsuccessful.

In other cases, however, under the same preconditions or even worse, a new business is established.


Again, there are many circumstances, but among them is the one we want to talk about today: product selection.

Finding a proper niche is what makes a business successful even though there are technical shortcomings or inexperience.

And if you add effort and good tools to it, it's done.

To help you with this, we would like to give you some ideas about what can be sold. For this we searched the internet and this List of the most popular products sold online created.

Read them with an open mind and analyze whether your business idea could fit into one of the sectors.

And now “butter with the fish”.

Why is it important to know which products are sold the most in boarding schools?

When starting an online store, there is one thing you need to be clear about: Your products must have a demand.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to spend money building a business on products that no one will buy.

This seems obvious but if you search the internet you will find cases where it is not clear why they decided to sell these products .;)

Furthermore, there is another important detail to consider when selling online: selling on the internet has nothing to do with selling in a store.

In-store sales ≠ On-line sales

The fact that a product or sector is in high demand in a store does not mean that it is also in high demand on the Internet (or vice versa).

So that you don't make a mistake when choosing the sector and audience of your online shop, we show you the here 6 Best Selling Products On The Internet. Demand is guaranteed, but so is competition.

1. Fashion items

Strangely enough, fashion is the first sector that sells the most in almost all of the world.

Yes, although it's a delicate product and sizes can vary from store to store, fashion is the queen of sales.

The increase in the demand of this sector in the online world is mainly due to the improvement of the return policy.

It used to be difficult for someone to take the risk of buying a t-shirt, pants or jacket without knowing exactly whether they would fit. Nowadays, returns are free at almost all stores, and you can try everything on at home, with no queues, and return it anytime.

Yes, it sells a lot, but…. Is it worth getting in?

Pay attention.

Pros and Cons of Building an Ecommerce for Fashion

Don't let first impressions guide you.

When you have an idea, try to break away from the emotion and analyze it from the outside. Who am I selling to? How do I get to these customers?


  • Very general: the term “fashion” is very general. This means that there are many types of fashion under this umbrella. If you want to encompass everything, you are certain to fail.

  • Saturated market: When the best selling items online are in fashion, don't expect to find a blue ocean (almost no competition) but a red full of fishermen.

  • Technical difficulty: Do you think sponsorship, materials and suppliers, or your entire relationship with fashion, is limited to reading Vogue every now and then? Even when it comes to a product that is sold frequently, you need a lot of knowledge….

  • Return risk: the user has got used to being able to return almost anything without giving a reason. The big ones in retail do it that way, and for an e-commerce that's just getting started, that's a particular challenge.

But not all is negative, let's examine the benefits of the sector that is most successful on the Internet.


  • A lot is bought: clothing and fashion in general are the best-selling products as people have lost the fear of buying them on the internet. We are even more cautious on other sectors, but not here.

  • The technology makes it very easy: With the available tools of video and photo, you can play back items that are almost as if the customer were touching them.

  • The sector moves very quickly: all the time new products and trends are coming out that can be exploited. This is a positive factor in a content marketing strategy.

And a few more tips before we move on to the next one on the best-selling list:

  • Do you specialize in: don't build another clothing store, find a style, specific item of clothing, or even a single brand model, and be the best in that niche.
  • Start withDropshippingor membership: if you don't want to invert into an inventory, try one of these options that will allow you to have a business without investing in materials. If you want to start such a business: read this post about How to sell without stock or this particular one via dropshipping.

Let's leave fashion and move on to the second product with the most online demand.

We're going on a journey!

2. Travel and experiences

If there is one sector that has adapted well to this online revolution, it is the tourism sector.

You certainly do not remember the last time you bought a plane ticket, accommodation, tour or anything else related to travel in a travel agency.

also The huge number of comparison portals means that the prices are much more competitive. We all used to go to travel agencies, today we can organize our trip in front of the computer at home.

Are you thinking of starting an online travel and tourism business?

Beware of the pros and cons.

Traveling is so nice ... isn't it?

If you still walk to the kiosk when Traveler shows up and buys the Lonely Planet for every city break, chances are that you love travel and this is the place for you.

This is a point in your favor, but don't lose perspective; that you enjoy traveling does not mean that you enjoy selling tourism products. Not at all.

in addition, Even if everyone in this sector buys online, there are giants who have been established there for years and take the largest pieces with them.

Exceeding you in SEO, content creation, or customer service is impossible, but all is not lost.

The specialization is the entry code to the travel sector

Companies like Booking or Tripadvisor cover all the small niches in the sector, but they are too horizontal, they are in too many areas.

For example, a vertical operation would only attack hotels with swimming pools in a specific city. The information is more complete and specific than what appears on a megasite. The customer is grateful and so is Google.

TIP: If you want to learn about SEO for online business, read this.

3. Technological products

It's interesting that the technological products aren't in number 1, right?

The main reason not to buy is because of the warranty.

When buying technology in a store, you usually have more confidence that if something goes wrong, it can be repaired there.

We want to feel that when there is a problem there is a “real” person to turn to.

In an online business, that trust doesn't exist unless you win it.

For example, in the Spanish market, BQ has become a reference thanks to its excellent guarantee. Every customer knows that if they fail, their product will be repaired or replaced within 2 days.

Our advice if you want to start in this sector

We recommend that you do not open any technology e-commerce with your own product, Unless you're called Jobs, you're a creative genius, and started your business in a Silicon Valley garage.

The positive of this third sector is that there is a lot to offer and that technology is advancing rapidly.

This situation is ideal for a content healing strategy by analyzing the market novelties.

The disadvantage is again that there are very established blogs and sites with high sales that provide assessments and compare devices.

Since few can create technology, The monetization of a homepage lies here in advertising and membership.

Membership consists of analyzing other people's products in order to later redirect to an external sales page and receive a commission. Click here if you want to learn more about membership marketing.

Again specialization is key.

If, instead of covering all the products on the market, you specialize in Samsung tablets priced above “X” euros, you can reduce the competition and become an authority on this particular subject.

4. Sale of used goods

Even if eBay is no longer what it was years ago, selling used goods on the internet is still at the top. The Possibility of a product discounted at half the price Finding it in good condition is not found in almost any normal store.

In addition, the world of used goods opens the doors for almost all products. There are shops for everything: Electronics, clothing, tickets, books, vehicles ...

As if that weren't enough, the demand for used products has increased among middle / high income groups.

The purchase of used items is not associated with economic need, but with style and taste for quality products compared to the current "Made in China ”.

This was accompanied by technology.

To those who already existed, like MilAnuncios or SegundaMano (Vibbo), one came Sales app, such as Wallapop, with more than 20 million users only in Spain.

According to a comment from the Spanish Minister for Economic Affairs, there was some excitement in the sector. He has said that such purchases among individuals should be subject to tax.

Let's see what happens, but the upswing is unstoppable. Don't rule out this sales coming to the top of the list of best-selling products.

5. Music and books

Another type of product that you think is ahead of the game. However, given the amount of illegal downloads in both music and books, 5th place can be considered very good.

The price drop after Elimination of many costs related to distribution, leads to the fact that nowadays we can buy books for € 1 and even choose which songs on a record we want to buy.

And given the appearance that the book may even go away in the future, we wouldn't be surprised that the books are climbing some places in these years.

It's been some time since Napster and other download platforms started.

Since those early days we have seen a revolution, especially when it comes to buying music.

Books and records are among the best-selling, but thanks to new players such as iTunes, Spotify or Amazon and his Kindle. If it were up to the record companies, we would still buy cassettes.

6. Training courses

E-learning is “in” and you can tell.

There are some platforms with courses such as Video2Brain (recently bought by LinkedIn) or Udemy.Training on specific subjects seems to be on land versus general training (University or master) to gain on land.

In the global situation where it is increasingly difficult to find work, it is normal that there is more and more demand for online education.

The key factor is that users lose the fear of getting an education that neither offers titles nor depends on them.

We explain that.

The most important thing now seems to be that you learn something and not the title that says what you have learned.

Perhaps there have been too many cases of university and master's degree students who know little about the world of work ...

If a person is competent and has sufficient knowledge to train others on a subject, there is no need to write a paper on what the students have learned.

For years the realm of title mania dominated the training world. Fortunately, more and more users are educating themselves online.

It is unregulated education and we are convinced that it has a great future. In addition, the entry threshold is very low. Is it good?

Continue reading.

Are you thinking of offering online courses?

This democratization of knowledge transfer, as some call it, has only just begun.

The low entry threshold represents a risk. With a homepage, some videos and some experience reports, almost anyone can offer courses.

But does that guarantee quality?

It is difficult to know in advance.

The increase in courses of dubious quality comes with the risk that people will be afraid of being scammed.

But if your offer is of quality, the market will ultimately take you to your place.

If you want to sell online courses, double your efforts on:

Conclusions: should you open an online store with any of these products?

The question seems obvious because when there is so much demand it makes sense to say yes to it. The problem is that with such a high demand, which is also so well known, there is also a lot of competition.

Think of the amount of:

  • Fashion stores
  • Comparison portals for travel.
  • Technology stores.
  • Music and / or book stores.
  • Training portals

And there are always more. If you want to be successful in these areas, there is only one way: differentiate and specialize.

Entering a mature and general market like the one we've seen is out of the reach of a person starting from below:

  • Price: price competition is almost impossible, which is why your brand must be 100% unique.
  • Authority: that's when one is the reference in the market. You can even allow yourself to create tendencies.
  • Trust: remember that the online buyer is still over-anxious and prefers to show his card on well-known homepages, even if the product is worse.
  • SEO: Imagine positioning yourself above the same product number as Amazon or El Corte Inglés?

The key to entering the sectors with the best selling products on the internet is to specialize super,  a unique experience for the userand get the details the big guys can't get to.

Chiara Algarotti

International Marketing Specialist at Doofinder