What are the best free chess websites

The three best free chess websites online

The Strategy game Chess continues to enjoy great popularity. Nowadays you are no longer limited to an analogue chess game, you can also compete online against new opponents over and over again. Here we introduce you to the three best chess websites.

Number 1 place: Chess.com

Chess.com is currently the most popular online chess website in the world. More than 15 million players have already registered. In addition to standard competitions, it is also possible to improve your strategy by participating in various learning programs. Every day there is a new chess puzzle that can be solved. You also have the option of playing chess against a computer or against a real opponent. You can choose between two options: Either you play a game live or you play a move every day so that you have more time to think and enjoy the game. The advantage of Chess.com is that you can play on your own computer as well as on your mobile phone. Membership is free, with a VIP membership you get access to extra features such as training videos.

Number 2: ChessCube.com

You can also spend a lot of time playing chess on ChessCube. This website has slightly fewer members than Chess.com, but more options when it comes to social media. You can invite friends to play a game together and build your own chess network. It is also possible to meet new players in chat rooms. You can win Cubits in every game. Cubits is a type of currency on ChessCube that you can use to buy t-shirts in the in-house webshop or to get access to the latest videos with tips and tricks on the subject of chess. Here, too, normal membership is free.

Number 3: Lichess.org

Lichess.org is one of the few open source chess websites. You can also integrate this website into your own website and thus encourage friends and family to play a game. This website offers very comprehensive interactive instructions for learning to play chess and is therefore particularly recommended for beginners. In addition to the usual chess competitions, there is also the option of downloading games and playing them back at home. In addition, you get access to a forum where players can discuss general strategies and exchange ideas. You can invite players to a new game of chess directly on the website and you can also become a member of one of the many chess teams. The different teams can play against each other in a championship. Access is free here too.