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Here is a selection of government agencies and nonprofits that we have worked with.



Worked with the leadership of the non-profit Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) to prepare the company's executives and executives in dealing with the media with a full range of delivery materials. Recently delivered a pro bono short film with some colleagues.
Period: 2004, 2014
Services: HRD, filmmaking
countries: Singapore
Challenge: In an environment where media preparation, especially broadcasting (live), is of the utmost importance for an aspiring non-profit organization at this time.
successes: Helped the management of the non-profit company to become aware of and prepared for the media and to become independent in working and collaborating with the media. Creative directing, scriptwriting and post-production of a short film.

ACE BlueSky Festival

Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is a Singapore government initiative (via SPRING Singapore) designed to help emerging and growing local businesses in Singapore reach the mass market and retail segments. SPRING Singapore's ACE organized the BlueSky Festival to celebrate and highlight growing and exciting companies in Singapore. We have worked with the initiative on their very exciting BlueSky Festival from the start in order to raise awareness among the general public and the specialist audience through the media and the public event.
Period: 2004-2005
Services: PR, events, advertising, media training
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Entrepeneurship as a concept was not particularly popular at the time, and public education and awareness needs to be developed.
successes: We helped the SPRING Singapore ACE initiative reach the general public and the professional audience through the large-scale ACE BlueSky Festival through media work, executive interviews with the mainstream print and broadcast media, and national advertising campaigns.

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