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Nephilim or Naphile called are hybrid beings who were born from the connection between angels and humans. Castiel explains that it is forbidden to give birth to a Nephilim. But, according to Metatron, there was still a Nephilim on earth.


Nephilim are descendants of a love affair between humans and angels. They are only born when grace, the angelic source of power, has the appropriate conception. If an angel without mercy has a child with a person, it is a completely normal person. They have glowing eyes like angels, even if they seem a little darker and grayer, so not so powerful.

Not very much is known about them.

Powers and abilities


  • Angel sword - Technically, they can die by an angel sword because they are half angels.
  • Holy oil -Because they are half angels, they should be able to hurt and die by holy oil.
  • Enochian sigils - Should also shield from a Nephilim.


  • The first task, according to Metatron, in closing the sky is to cut out the heart of a Nephilim. In reality, however, this is the first of three rituals to banish all angels from heaven.
  • The only Nephilim, Jane, was at least 20 years old, but prior to Castiel's arrival in 2008, 4 years earlier, there were no known angels other than Gabriel and Metatron. Anna, Uriel and Michael were in on earth The angels watch over you. Only Anna Milton was on earth for an unknown time.

Known Nephilim

  • Jane(deceased)
  • Jack Kline
  • Queen of Sheba (deceased, only mentioned)


  • Season 8
  • Season 12
  • Season 13
    • farewell
    • The power of the son
    • patience
    • The emptiness
    • Advanced thanatology(Jack, mentioned only)
    • Tombstone
    • war of the Worlds(Jack, mentioned only)
    • The scorpion and the frog(Jack, Queen of Sheba, mentioned only)
    • Place of horror
    • Lost sisters(Jack, mentioned only)
    • Breakdown(Jack, mentioned only)
    • helplessness(Jack, mentioned only)
    • Pact with the devil(Jack, mentioned only)
    • Good resolutions
    • The thing from another world(Jack, mentioned only)
    • An open account(Jack)
    • Death to the devil(Jack)
    • Exodus(Jack)
    • The end of all life(Jack)