What is the plot of Dilwale

Dilwale - I love you

149 minutes (Blu-ray: 153 minutes)
Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Boman Irani, Johnny Lever and others
Comedy, action, love story

Shah Rukh Khan, currently one of the most successful Indian film actors, is in front of the camera in this romantic comedy with Bollywood star Kajol. They are considered the most popular and successful couple in Indian film history. Directed by Rohit Shetty (Chennai Express), they now act in an extremely elaborate production that uses stylistic devices from action, romance and comedy to effectively present a modern Romeo & Juliet story.

The eponymous love story focuses on Raj and Meera. He, son of gang boss Bakshis, and she, daughter of Indian mafia king Dey Malik, get to know and love each other in their youth. When their fathers drive the family feud to extremes and are killed in the process, Raj leaves the country and his great love. 15 years later he is a respected car tuner in Bulgaria, who is considered peace-loving and renounces all violence. He gives his younger brother Veer a job, a loving home and they both have a secure livelihood. When Veer gets into trouble with the drug lord King one day through a carelessness and falls head over heels in love with Ishita, Meera's younger sister, Raj's life turns into a mess. Bollywood superstar Sha Rukh Khan plays the friendly businessman with a mysterious past very precisely. Above all, he succeeds in convincingly depicting the contrasts between the tough gangster son, who does not shrink from brutality, and the staid, honest businessman.

The extravagant narrative that is typical of Bollywood films, with its colorful images and abundantly interspersed dance and song scenes, is combined here - similar to the Chennai Express - with action scenes in which chases and shootings are particularly effective. In this mix, the story remains varied. The secret of Raj and Meera also captivates the viewer over the duration of a narrative strand stretched through the various interludes. One likes to overlook clichés and inconsistencies in the story, as one is compensated with excellent show values. The artistic visual aesthetics in the style of Indian music videos are at a high level; Editing and camera are no less adept in the action scenes. If you are into Bollywood, you can look forward to an entertaining film experience.

Blu-ray image format :: 2.35 / 1080p
Sound: dts HD 5.1 MA
Languages: German dts HD 5.1 MA / Hindi dts HD 5.1 MA
Subtitle: German

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Film type: color

DVD aspect ratio: 1: 2.35 / 16: 9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Languages: German DD 5.1 / Hindi DD 5.1

Subtitle: German


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