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Weekly plan for vegetarians

Because meat and fish play a major role at first glance low carb play, it may initially come as a surprise that vegetarians decide to shed a few pounds with the help of low carb. However, we would like to Vegetarians like to encourage and encourage them to counteract their dream weight with a low-carbohydrate diet, because vegetables and salads play at least as important a role in low-carb as meat and fish. Maybe it needs Vegetarians At the beginning a little more planning than with "carnivores". As we do with the following Weekly plan for vegetarians want to show, there are many great recipes for a low-carbohydrate diet that won't get boring in the long run.


Before you start fully motivated with the new form of nutrition, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the basics of a low-carbohydrate diet. The change in diet can only be successful if you know what low carb means and how you can incorporate the new diet into your everyday life. The following articles give you a good first overview of low carb:

Our weekly plan for vegetarians

We urgently advise newcomers in particular to create a low-carb weekly plan. Because experience shows that you can quickly fall back into old eating habits if you don't have the right ingredients or appropriate food in the house. Since the meat and fish-heavy dishes are no longer available for vegetarians, the following applies all the more: planning is everything!

day 1

Start the morning with a filling soy drink. Alternatively, it can be an apple and spinach smoothie. Add a large cup of herbal tea and the day can begin.

Try to stand firm until lunch and stick to 3 meals a day from the start. You should give your body about 5 hours between meals to fully concentrate on digestion.

For lunch there is a delicious Gouda salad. Not only does it taste fantastic, it can also be prepared the evening before and is therefore ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to the company canteen.

For dinner there is a chilli sin carne. With its high protein content (50g protein per 100g), soy strips make the ideal low-carb dinner, because protein stimulates fat burning and helps the body to produce antibodies, muscles and enzymes.

Since you are starting the new diet today, you should put your good resolutions into practice right away and regularly incorporate sporting activities into your everyday life. Whether swimming, walking, jogging or cycling - find the right sport for you and start doing it today!

day 2

Day 2 begins with a fruity raspberry muesli. Frozen raspberries are independent of the season. Alternatively, you can of course also use other types of fruit. However, it is worth checking the fructose content beforehand, because ideally the fruit should have a low or medium sugar content. Here you can find a list of fruits together with their fructose content.

At lunchtime there is filled avocado, possibly with a crunchy salad. Avocados are power foods because they are high in healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants. Although the fat content of avocados is quite high, studies have shown that avocados help you lose weight because the fat is used as a source of energy instead of being stored as body fat. Avocados are also easy to take to the office. Simply prepare the filling the evening before, store it in the refrigerator in a separate fresh-keeping container and mix it with a little balsamic vinegar at lunchtime the next day and add to the avocados.

You can end the evening with the egg muffins. There are many possible variations here. Whether with broccoli, feta cheese or tomatoes - the egg muffins won't get boring quickly and can also be eaten cold the next morning as a small breakfast, for example.

Don't forget to drink enough! Nutrition experts advise that adults should drink an average of 1.5 liters per day. Ideally herbal tea and water, while sugary drinks or fruit juices should be a thing of the past.

Day 3

Day 3 either starts with a couple of egg muffins from the previous evening. Alternatively, it can be a mango and spinach smoothie. There is also a delicious tea of ​​your choice.

At lunchtime there is a classic mozzarella tomato salad. This is also perfect for the office and can be prepared in no time.

You can end the evening with a ratatouille with lots of healthy vegetables.

Today sport is on the program again. Walk, swim, jog or cycle for 30 minutes. Since sport is best done in a group, keep your eyes and ears open: Perhaps there is someone in your neighborhood or in your circle of friends and acquaintances who also wants to get fit and slim. Team up with like-minded people and arrange fixed days on which you can do sports together.


Day 4

On day 4 you start the day with a hearty scrambled cheese egg. Depending on your taste, this can also be refined with zucchini, spinach, fresh or dried tomatoes or mushrooms. If you have little time in the morning, it can also be a smoothie, which can be easily prepared the evening before. How about a fat burner drink or a raspberry smoothie, for example?

For lunch there are delicious and, above all, quickly prepared cucumber boats. Just like the other recipes for lunch, the cucumber boats are ideal for the office. If you should still have an appetite afterwards, you should treat yourself to a handful of walnuts or almonds. These are low-carb power foods and have been shown to prevent weight gain when consumed regularly.

You can then end the evening with a zucchini soup.

Day 5

Today there is a healthy glyx muesli and a large pot of herbal tea in the morning.

For lunch you can enjoy a salad with feta or goat cheese. With a light salad you can actively counteract the lunchtime depression (also known as eating coma) and still feel fit and productive in the afternoon.

In the evening you are doing something good for yourself with the bell pepper and tofu pan. In addition to vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances, tofu contains lots of protein and is therefore perfect for low-carb dinner.

Today sport is back in fashion. This time you increase yourself to 35 minutes. You should increase the duration of the physical activity step by step and add 5 more minutes per week. Your goal is to briskly walk / jog / swim for an hour. And you can do it!

Day 6

We assume that day 1 fell on a Monday and that day 6 is therefore a Saturday. Today you can give yourself a little more time at breakfast and start the day relaxed. If you like to eat hearty in the morning, treat yourself to a filling spinach omelette. If you like to start the day sweet, prepare a low-carb pancake, which is refined with a few fruits depending on your taste and season.

At lunchtime there is a cauliflower pizza. Here the batter is simply replaced with cauliflower. Sounds weird? Might be. The pizza definitely does piebalds!

Since lunch was already quite generous, dinner is a bit more frugal. There is a rocket salad with walnuts and sheep or goat cheese.

Day 7

If you have decided on one Cheat Day per week, today applies: Feast and sin as much as you can. No restrictions on the carbohydrate or calorie content of the food, no sport. Just enjoy. Tomorrow you can continue with low-carb energy.

If Cheat Day is not for you, start the day with low-carb crunchy muesli. Together with some quark and some fresh seasonal fruits, the crunchy muesli makes a healthy and low-carbohydrate meal.

There is a healthy vegetable soup for lunch. The soup is easy to freeze, so that you have a quickly available low-carb meal in the freezer for the coming week.

There is also a protein shake in the evening. Alternatively, you can prepare a Thai dish, Pad Thai. The low-carb version of Pad Thai is made with Shirataki noodles. These are perfect for a low-carbohydrate diet, as 100g Shirataki noodles have a whopping 0g of carbohydrates.

The first week of low carb is over. We hope we were able to whet your appetite for more and, above all, show you that low carb can be quite varied for vegetarians.