What is a personal injury attorney

Your lawyer for compensation for pain and suffering after a serious accident

Serious head trauma and other serious injuries (amount of compensation: € 2.1 million)

The 7-year-old client was hit by a car as a pedestrian. She suffered a third degree traumatic brain injury. The post-vegetative state, the tetraparesis and the various fractures were in the foreground in the context of the injuries and impairments. She was awarded a GdB (Degree of Disability) of 100%.

Out of court, the insurance company offered compensation of € 800,000. The girl's parents got a second opinion through our law firm. The result was that the girl or her parents received compensation totaling € 2.1 million after we took on the mandate.

Incomplete paraplegia with bladder and rectal paralysis (amount of compensation: € 2.025 million)

The young client suffered incomplete paraplegia with bladder and rectal paralysis as a passenger in a traffic accident.

Out-of-court settlement with compensation totaling € 2.025 million

The first partial settlement was concluded for all items with the exception of the past and future costs of inpatient and home care in the amount of € 1.225 million. A further settlement of € 800,000 was concluded for the additional care costs, resulting in total compensation of € 2.025 million.
This is particularly noteworthy because a joint liability, the amount of which was not precisely determined, had to be taken into account.

Multiple trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (compensation amount: € 790,000)

As a young man, the client had a serious traffic accident through no fault of his own. He suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries. He also got psychological problems due to the trauma.
The processing was particularly difficult because the case when we took it over was a long time ago and the necessary documents, especially about the client's professional situation, were very difficult to obtain.

Out-of-court settlement with compensation totaling € 790,000.00. This included compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of € 200,000.00.