How can I buy diamond jewelry online

Diamond jewelry

Diamond pendant in the shape of two hearts made of white gold

Jewelry off Diamonds is noble, elegant and can be worn on a wide variety of occasions. A glamorous appearance is guaranteed with pendants, earrings, chains or stud earrings with this gemstone. It was not without reason that Marilyn Monroe sang: Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, in German: Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. This is still the case today in many cases. Gold jewelery items that are refined with a diamond, such as watches, rings or chains, are very popular. Even on a romantic date or an important business meeting, they skillfully upgrade every outfit and give it that certain something.

What kind of jewelry with diamond is trendy?

As already mentioned, diamond jewelry made of gold but also silver is very trendy at the moment. From rather simple designs to slightly playful white gold watches to one fancy design there are many noble and at the same time elegant models that are often worn.

Rings with diamonds

Artful white gold ring with diamonds

Rings with diamonds always make a noble and high-quality impression. The wearer can choose how many carats the ring should have, such as 0.1 or 0.3 carats. The largest diamond was 3,106 carats, the so-called Cullinan diamond. It was found in the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1905 and is named after the mine owner Sir Thomas Cullinan.
The woman is herself and nowadays simply buys her rings herself instead of waiting for them to be given to her. Many jewelry lovers buy several rings made of white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. Who it in subtle precious metal look preferably choose silver or platinum with diamonds.

Earrings with diamonds

Rose gold hoop earrings with Rose de France diamonds in pink color

Diamond earrings conjure up a delicate sparkle on the wearer's face, or more precisely on the ear. Jewelery with diamonds is absolutely suitable for the office and leaves colleagues amazed at the brilliance of the earrings. Earrings with diamonds are suitable for many occasions, such as business lunches, Christmas parties or weddings. Diamond jewelry is subtle and yet always a highlight. They make a luxurious statement or make the person look overdressed. Straight ear studs can be refined with the sparkling diamonds and look magical even with a small number of carats. Stud earrings are easy on every head shape and are the gift for an anniversary or birthday.

Bracelets with diamonds

Bracelet with diamonds in yellow gold

If you want to refine and enhance your outfit with elegant jewelery made from diamonds, you can wear a diamond bracelet. Often times, many models have a few filigree pendants made of goldthat are refined with the finest diamonds. With such a diamond bracelet every outfit can be skillfully enhanced.

Pendant with diamonds

Pendant made of white gold and rose gold with a pink diamond in SI quality

Exclusive pendants with round diamonds are the perfect gift for mother or best friend. In a setting made of yellow gold, it will delight the recipient.

Engagement rings with diamonds

Engagement ring made of white gold with diamond in VS quality in octagon cut

The most beautiful promise in the world is often crowned with a ring made of gold, which has a diamond as a gemstone. In addition to yellow gold, red gold or white gold is also increasingly being chosen by lovers. The rings can have different designs, they will
available with a matt or polished finish. Colored gemstones are new in trendadorning the engagement ring. If diamond jewelry is out of the question, you can fall back on the cheaper zirconia. However, it should be noted here that the longevity can of course compete with that of a diamond. Especially with rings, however, it should be scratch-resistant and stable.

Watches with diamonds

Watch with diamond and leather strap

Simply reading a boring dial is no longer the ultimate: men and women want watches that glitter on their wrists as a statement. Diamonds on the dial and case can therefore be seen more and more often, especially on branded watches. If there shouldn't be diamonds on the watches, zirconia watches also look stunning.

Which diamonds do the stars wear?

Of course, the stars also know the importance of diamond jewelry. Therefore, many of them also wear the jewelry with the noble diamonds. Diamond jewelry has a high status with the stars, especially with the US rappers. The American singer Lady Gaga, for example, has an engagement ring with diamonds in the shape of a heart on white gold for an impressive 400,000 dollars (337,950.00 euros) on her finger. The also American singer Kanye West allegedly replaced some of his teeth with the gemstones. currently does not offer any gemstone teeth.

On there are many different ones to buy, which for example consist of gold, white gold, yellow gold or silver. They can all be worn for different purposes and are always eye-catching. This is exactly why they are so popular with many starswho like to stand out and be in the spotlight.
The European nobility also uses white gold and diamond jewelery again and again to put themselves in the limelight.

How are diamonds made?

Diamonds are very special gemstones. But how do they come about? It is said that they can be found underground, at a depth of 150 to 650 kilometers. More precisely, they are located there in the liquid rocks of the earth's mantle. There, carbon atoms get closer and closer and over the years then form into the popular gemstones. For this to work, extreme pressure on the one hand and particularly high heat on the other hand are required. This is the only way to create the popular gemstones from the deep rocks.

Then these must be obtained as quickly as possible and brought to the surface of the earth. Otherwise they could turn into worthless graphite. This can happen, for example, through volcanic eruptions, in which the lava at least partially carries away the rocks and thus also brings the gemstones upwards.