Is money important

How important is money

Without question, money is very important in today's society. In everyday life a lot revolves around the topic and without money the world would not even begin to function in its complexity. Money is the glue that links the global world together and keeps it going. Specialization, division of labor or new development and innovation, through investment in research, are made possible by money in a simple manner. Nevertheless, everyone is aware that there are other things that are important, and probably even more important than money, for the individual. For example health, relationships, happiness or fulfillment in doing.
What does that mean for us now? How and what should we focus on? What job should money have in our life?

This question is particularly important for us when choosing a career or making possible changes in professional life. Later also in dealing with the earned money. Should you give up a very well-paid job in your mid-thirties if it makes you unhappy and possibly do something completely different and start over? What role should money play in choosing a course or career? Does financial security take precedence over professional self-realization? Everyone has to find the answers to these questions personally. Becoming aware of your personal answers to these questions can be decisive when it comes to finding happiness and fulfillment in your (future) job.
Often times, people tend to choose the job that promises them the most money. The question, however, is: at what price? Above a certain income, even a higher salary cannot compensate for everything. Or would you not be ready for your dream job and the best framework conditions that you can only imagine to accept compromises? Is it worth life to stand up every day for something that makes you unhappy? On the contrary, if you do what you enjoy and what is easy for you, you have great opportunities not only to be successful, but also to lead a fulfilling professional life.

What does that mean for you?
Regardless of your future salary, it is probably wise to find a job that makes you fulfilling and happy. This is where the chance of having the best personal development and earning a lot should, as a rule, be at its highest. If you are not sure how to find this job, I have, in my opinion, a very valuable tip for you: Find your why.

And to come full circle, ask yourself what you really want. Probably a happy life. Money as a means to an end certainly plays a role, but it remains one factor among others. It is also important to consider the factors of health, relationships, happiness or fulfillment in action, of which only one does not help. More on this here: Does money make you happy?