What are some examples of incorrect information

What is fake news? Definition, types and detection methods

More and more social media are responding to the demand for better control measureswhen it comes to spreading fake news. Each platform deals with false reports differently.

In May 2020, for example, the short message service Twitter provided a tweet from US President Trump, who made unprovable claims about the postal vote Fact check.

Revised in connection with the Corona crisis and various conspiracy theories YouTube in the same month its community guidelines. These allow the platform to delete videos with invented content.

Facebook however, works with over 50 independent Fact check organizations like the German Press Agency (dpa) and the Correctiv research center. If posts are untrue according to the criteria specified by Facebook, they are provided with a note and displayed less frequently. However, Facebook does not have posts and advertisements from politicians checked.

In June 2020 the EU Commission published new guidelines to combat disinformation through social networks. In the future, these will be able to store monthly reports on the number, content and reach of misleading posts and false user accounts. The social media platforms are also called upon to actively combat disinformation campaigns with fact-based information.