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Re: *** The birds of paradise in rose autumn ***

Postby melania »Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:52 am

So, in this weather your beak just freezes over despite the bite guard: roll: Good morning, dear ones. It's raining snow here, I don't have to emphasize what I think, right? : evil: And somehow there is only soo little year left: shock: and still so much to do (I had already written that my big one is moving on the 3rd Advent): roll: there is still a lot to come. This afternoon I'll have a look at the new place to stay. (Froi) Yesterday evening I had to give in and bring the things that I had carried into the shed on the weekend into the basement, otherwise it will be with the threatening predictions too insecure after all. Unfortunately we have forgotten the ollies that are still in the front garden. Shit, now I have to open again. I read the gas right away ohoh! : x We had to heat up a lot longer in spring and much earlier in autumn than in the other years. I'm curious about the bill. Anise biscuits, Fiores? I haven't baked any cookies yet, hopefully I'll find the time at the weekend. Exactly, Susi, prepare the ingredients in advance (they should all have the same temperature), I always do that three days in advance and it works really well in the kitchen! Fiores, your star, I can only agree with Andrea (two of us apply for the golden raspberry in decorating, right?): Mrgreen: beautiful! That would also be something for me, hmm, whether I would print out the photo GG? But, well, he's supposed to have been making real mosaic balls for my garden for years and that hasn't worked so far: cry: By the way, it's a shame that the plant market is then in May. Susi, I have to contradict you: [quote] Melania is secretly digging up a weeping willow somewhere, Anett is sure to be up to her bottom in the kiln again, Purple is already hatching new plans for the run-up to Christmas, Dienchen is sure to be in her dreamland, Ilka is learning for the final, Angela is sure to be back in 6th gear, Margaret can no longer get out of the new bathroom [/ quote] Unfortunately, I am not weeping willow (yet). Anett (tststs I have to think of Hansel and Gretel at the picture) is surely boggy in the wine cellar, Purple, ahem, rolls with the GG on the new carpet in the master's room, Dienchen is clutching her stove, Ilka ok, she has to learn, but Angela is walking after Xenia, who she just can't catch up with and Margaret ok, she swims so, twice I agree with your opinion. : wink:: mrgreen: And now I have to get started here too &
You don't have to die to get to paradise, as long as you have a garden (Persian proverb)

I know a little garden-close
Set thick with lily and red rose,
Where I would wander if I might
From dewy dawn to dewy night.
(W. Morris)